Dark Night; from fear and doubt to breakthrough

Only 12 hours into my commitment to change and already fear is screaming at me. You can’t change your life with attitude. You need to solve your problems. You need to get a job. You need to create an income. You need to fix your finances. All of these statements may be true, but what I really need in this moment is peace.

So I’m going to connect to my source, rest in the deep well of being and take a break from my crazy mind chatter. If I was using the tools from Abraham, then I’d do some journaling about positive aspects, scripting or imagining what I want in my life.  The question I have is how to fix the mind with the mind? The mystics say it takes a new level of mind or a level beyond mind like being to transcend your problems.  This was written during my dark night, then I stopped and tried to settle.

Whew, I told you the ride might get bumpy, but what a night! I survived, but it was very dark, intense & negative. I did try some exercises, but my mind never really settled. Finally I went to sleep very late & very unsettled.

The next afternoon I had a breakthrough. I believe what happened was complete surrender to the current state of my life, which still wasn’t looking too good at that point. Then in meditation, I had a new idea that shifted both my perspective & my feelings. The idea was instead of following someone else’s program, why not use my own?

So I have decided to shift my joy project slightly. I intend to use my own wisdom gathered from years of reading & fumbling around with personal development. About 20 years ago I developed a general health & well being plan called Brad’s tips for better health. My tips are outlined in another blog, click here 

I’m feeling inspired & empowered to follow my own wisdom. It’s likely that the focus for my blog will continue to shift with more emphasis on being creative and less on changing myself. I believe the trap that I fall in, and maybe some of you, is spending too much time trying to solve problems or fix myself. What works best for me is to feed the passion & inspiration by doing more of what I most enjoy. As I’ve stepped into this writing, my creative ideas are flowing & I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.

I look forward to sharing, serving, and inspiring you.

See you at the top!


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