Commitment is not a word that I relish. How do you feel about commitment?

Sometimes I get nervous just hearing the word. I tend to resist committing to things, even though I have experienced the benefit of committing to projects before. Years ago I was in a men’s group in Boulder CO. This was a facilitated group with a 6 month term required of any man who wanted to join the group. I had previously been in more casual mens groups where you come & go as you please. I benefited, but not like from this group where all the men committed to each other & the leader to show up 2 times per month for 6 months. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made and yet one of the best! So good, that I participated for 2 years, learned about intimacy & made some great friends.

In retrospect, I realized that I had benefited more from this group precisely because I had committed to the process with no way out. Decisions are another tough area for me. I tend to over analyze, get bogged down in too much information, too much mind, & not enough heart & self trust. And then once I make a decision, I still keep questioning the choice which often derails the whole process.

I share this in the hope that you don’t  follow my example! And because I am committing to this joy project for 6 months in honor of my past Men’s group. You are my witnesses. I may try different tools along the way, but I intend to spend the next 6 months finding ways to bring more joy into my life.

I believe blogging about my process will serve by tracking my progress, keeping me focused, having a creative outlet, & having a public commitment. With any luck, writing may turn out to be both a talent & a joy. Thanks for sharing my journey.



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