Love Whatever Arises

Love Whatever Arises


I’ve been humbled again.

Whatever Arises Love ThatIt is beyond understanding how I can sit and watch my life savings evaporate and do nothing. This is the third time that I have allowed my life savings to disappear while invested in falling stocks. Logic would suggest taking action sooner to stop the losses. I am understanding how often I need pain to wake myself up. I have challenges with self-esteem, fear of failure, and taking action. Regardless of the reasons, I am choosing to love my own heart and to make love my number one priority. 

While practicing an exercise from Matt Kahn’s book, Whatever Arises, Love That, I was able to switch from a state of defeat and overwhelm to a state of peace and love in the midst of a very hard day. The exercise is to say to your heart “I love you” gently and kindly as if talking to a young child. I also used another exercise based on surrender that really helped. Matt suggests saying a long list of phrases like “I don’t know how to love the one who can’t forgive” or “I don’t know how to love the one who is afraid of having less.” This exercise reminds me of surrendering to God in the Christian tradition. It seems as though the key is acknowledging our current state and the need for help. This makes room in our mind and heart for love or God to enter and work through us.

What I appreciate about Matt’s teachings is their universal language and application.

And I believe that they get to the core truth; that we all need more love, no matter what is going on in our lives. The exercises are designed to help reprogram our minds, anchor love in our body and shift to a heart-centered way of living. I’ve seen dramatic shifts in myself by saying “I love you” only a few times and have finally committed to doing it regularly for as long as it takes to anchor love in my mind, heart, and body. I intend to learn to live from a heart-centered consciousness. I’ve also joined a Unity of Fayetteville group that is meeting to discuss, practice, and support each other in using Matt’s book and exercises.

Please remember to love yourself, no matter what arises this week. I highly recommend Matt’s book and doing the two exercises mentioned above. Say “I love you” for at least two minutes every day for a month and see what happens. Make time to love yourself. It might just be the most important thing you do this week, month, or life. Will you join Matt and me for the love revolution?

I Love You.



31 thoughts on “Love Whatever Arises

  1. So sorry to hear about your investments, Brad. 😦
    But I’m glad that using Matt Kahn’s exercises helped you switch from a state of defeat and overwhelm to a state of peace and love. 🙂

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  2. We all have our triggers, don’t we Brad? I am happy that you are able to love yourself through the hard times. I don’t know why we repeat things that haven’t been good for us, sometimes I think it is a form of self punishment. But you are approaching it with the correct antidote…LOVE…I think it cures all! I hope that your financial situation resets and you can make it whole again. Sending love ♡

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  3. Brad: You persevere. That’s obvious. You have love and kindness in your heart. You try to uplift others. And now you are turning love and kindness in your own direction. I am so glad to hear about the group that you will be part of. You will uplift yourself now. That’s good.

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  4. Brad.. its so great that you are at last opening your own heart to yourself.. I have followed Matt on YouTube for about a Year now and his teachings make so much sense.. I do not know if were you or Linda a fellow blogger who first introduced me to Matt’s work.. But it re-enforced my own thoughts and how I had had to learn to love my self..

    I hope that you have at last turned that corner where you see you are deserving of Love, and also deserving of success.. We often scupper our own lives by the way our intent is constantly within our minds as we subconsciously think ourselves unworthy and so we constantly fail..

    When we focus upon something that we channel our greatest intent into, it is these that then manifest.. Even if we focus upon things we DO NOT WANT to happen in our lives, if we focus on these long enough we still draw them to us.. Because Energy is Energy, it neither knows what is good or bad.. It just attracts like for Like..

    Love and Blessings dear Brad.. You are always first there for everyone else.. It is now time to focus ALL of that LOVE you can give out back into your own Heart and Centre..

    Hugs Sue ❤

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  5. I am so glad you are showing yourself the love you deserve Brad. Your blog is so inspiring, filled with such love and kindness for your readers, it is wonderful to hear you are showing it to yourself too. Sending you much love and huge hugs.x

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  6. Hey buddy, I am so sorry about your losses. The feelings that followed, the self-recrimination and helplessness must’ve been at least as hard. We don’t take care of our heart enough or others’, for that matter. I’m glad you joined a group of like-minded sojourners. Hope you also find a way back up $.

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