Spread a little sunshine!

I like this video so much I want to share it as my blog theme for today. Click here for a fun video to spark your mood and day. Enjoy!

This video is a great example of the power of attitude. The start of the video reminds me of my own attitude this spring. I was down, dark and dreary just like the opening scenes. As I have gone back to meditating and directing my attitude in the direction of positive thoughts and things that feel good, my overall emotional mood is more consistently upbeat.

And things are starting to shift in my life to match. I’ve started this blog and am having fun expressing myself. I’m feeling useful for a change instead of being lost in my own dark thoughts. I’m enjoying my house. The same one that I was cursing last spring! Stocks are moving up, thank you very much. And I’m connecting with friends more. If you are like me, I tend to isolate when I’m feeling down. Being alone to ponder and heal can be a good thing, but in excess it can remove me from life.

Even the weather is cooperating! We are having a gorgeous fall with warm clear days and cool refreshing evenings. Fall colors are starting to come on and I’m loving the chance to be outside more without burning up. As much as I love to be outdoors, and still was this summer during our 2 month heat wave, it’s a treat to be outside in such pleasant weather.

And of course, being active physically helps me feel better in many ways too. It boosts my attitude, my vitality, my physical health and my energy to do other things in my life like blog.

Get out and spread a little sunshine!


2 thoughts on “Spread a little sunshine!

  1. Brad, I love your blog! So glad I had the opportunity to meet you. Really appreciate your being so open & look forward to following along on the journey. I like the idea of the 30-day projects. And thank you SO much for the “Bring Me Sunshine” video!


    • Hi Ann, Wow, thanks. I’m delighted that my blog touches you. I would probably write anyway, but feedback like yours makes it extra satisfying. I hope that you will keep reading,
      enjoying and commenting too! I love the video too, very energizing.

      Blessings, Brad


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