14 tips for health and well being

These tips will be the basis for my year long experiment to bring more joy into my life.

I’m already more joyful by deciding to trust myself instead of some famous teacher, author or guru. If you’re like me, your head spins with all the information in books, programs, websites and lists like mine! It’s all too easy to keep chasing new information, instead of taking one good idea and actually using it.

I will be following my own advice by using a blend of these ideas with more emphasis on one tip for a month. I’ll follow the list in order with the exception of #1 and #8. These 2 are well established in my life. I happen to believe that communing with source is the most important tip. It is the foundation for my personal and spiritual growth. Likewise, exercise is probably the most important for physical health.

The sequence may or may not be the best order, but I’m willing to risk it and start! If you only did one thing for yourself, I would suggest more time on tip #1.  Of course, you may already meditate, pray, go to church, love your pet, or commune in the the woods. Wherever and however you connect is great. Keep doing it!

Starting now with October, I will be focusing on tip #2. Loving thoughts are useful as a start like planting a seed. And then adding action they blossom. So here’s to growing more love in our lives.

14 Tips for Health and Well Being

1- Frequently commune with your spiritual source.

2- Be Love. Fill your love cup, share it, & watch it grow!

3- Connect with people who nurture, inspire, & support you.

4- Think happy thoughts, ones that feel good in your body. here is a fun video

5- Take routine action toward your dreams & goals.

6- Simplify your life by doing ( & having ) less overall, while doing more of what you most value & enjoy.

7- Focus on deep breathing and enjoyable exercise 3-5 times per week. No pain is no pain.

8- Use the best water you can for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, gardening. It’s good for you & the planet.

9- Eat more natural whole foods, including live foods; reduce sugar, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol & other drugs.

10- Nurture yourself, including time to simply relax and be.

11- Set yourself up to succeed by making changes in small, easy steps.

12- Take time to relax, savior and enjoy life along the way to your destinations.

13- Appreciate the blessings currently in your life. This alone might shift everything in your life.

14- Practice acceptance. What if there is no one & no thing against you?

2 thoughts on “14 tips for health and well being

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