Be Here Now

I’m sure that you have heard this phrase many times in many ways; the power of now, be present, wake up, now here, nowhere, be alive. All these phrases point to an essential truth about the richness in living focused on the present moment, but do you know how to do it?

You may be asking what’s the big deal?

I’m here now, where else would I be? But the surprise, if you investigate, is how seldom most of us are actually present to the moment. We constantly travel in our minds to distant lands, visiting past memories, future dreams, stories about ourselves, and stories about others. And unless we have practiced to focus on the good or what we do want to create, many of these stories are negative and limiting.  Which in turn means that we are creating unconsciously and our lives will reflect that randomness or even chaos.

The essential skill in reclaiming our minds from it’s wandering is focus.

Like any practice, it requires repetition and refinement. The way to start is to notice when you are doing one thing but thinking about something else. Then gently bring your mind back to the task or moment at hand. As you do this more and more, you will develop the power of focus or concentration, which is related to the power of meditation. Both are ways to train & focus the mind.

Focus for success

Gradually, you will live more in the moment; the gap between past and future. This gap is where we find our power to live and create. The gap expands as does our ability to stay present and alert. There is a richness to the moment where the mundane becomes profound when we open to the now. Try this eating a meal. Really notice the different colors, tastes, smells, sensations in your mouth, chewing each bite deliberately and slowly.

You will notice a shift as your mind comes back from worrying about the time, the kids, the bills, etc. Time seems to slow and expand, your body comes alive, the food tastes great and magically you become more alive, alert, and refreshed. Pretty amazing results for chewing on some food. The same can happen with washing the dishes, taking a shower, taking a walk or any task.

Allow yourself to become fully absorbed in the moment and it’s beauty will be revealed to you. The more you live in the moment, the more you will be alive, conscious and aligned with the oneness of life. Then the magic begins.

Blessings, Brad

2 thoughts on “Be Here Now

  1. Brad, Thanks for sending me an email telling me about your blog. It is beautiful in words and images. (I am so glad you have your photos included) I celebrate your break through and manifesting this delightful expression. Keep posting! thanks for sharing. Joy

    p.s. I finally posted something I wrote on my website. I just started a writing class with Gabrielle Idlet. You can read my short writing from the prompt of writing about our day from the viewpoint of a bird. my website is

    ps.s. thanks for the inspiration.


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