Breakthrough part 2

I realize that I may have made it sound too easy or mysterious that one night I’m in the fog of pain & self criticism, then the next day I’m free to write & feel good. It does seem that way, but there is more to the story!

No doubt yesterday was a big turning point & today was a breakthrough to what I’ve wanted for so long. A day of pure joy, high energy, optimism, feeling good, connection to my self, purpose, & the world around, wanting to reach out, share, connect with others. The simple description is being in the flow.

Not to be overly dramatic, but I’ve spent months in pain, self analysis, confusion, isolation, loss, self  judgment, despair, on and on.  3 Things that helped the shift;  hitting bottom, surrender, and new seeds that were planted.  I’ve been spending more time in meditation the last 2 months. Often 2 times a day for 15 -45 minutes. So in the midst of the pain, there also was a growing connection to deeper, richer, more loving & wise parts of me.

Factors that helped me breakthrough; Lots of research ( maybe too much), inspiration to explore writing, listening to my nudges, the courage to take action, and finally not get derailed by the voices of fear & doubt.

Yesterday, I finally relaxed enough into my self & current state, plus had the courage to continue with the blogging in spite of my critical inner voices. For another take on dark nights click here.

Signpost to my readers. It would have been MUCH easier if I had relaxed sooner, let go of my problems for a while, played, and fed my passions, instead of trying so hard to force a solution. To recap; relaxing and allowing played a big part of the shift.

We did good. Thanks for your support.


2 thoughts on “Breakthrough part 2

  1. Hi Brad, I thought I’d stop by your blog and see what’s going on round here!

    I like your writing style, you don’t hold back from telling the hardest emotions. It’s raw, in a good way, and it’s fresh. All writing needs to be fresh, I feel.

    I’m happy that you’ve overcome your demons, and that you’re able to breathe and play freely once again. Letting go can be a scary thing at times, but be mindful of what you’re letting go, and once you know that it’s the right thing, do it.

    Take care my friend.


    • Hi Stuart, thanks for taking the time to visit. And thanks for the kind & thoughtful feedback.
      For now my focus is to keep writing. Maybe I’ll have a success story similar to yours to tell a year from now!


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