Signposts for Living in Union

Signposts for Living in Union

Living in union is another way of saying that we are consciously connecting to spirit. I believe that we are always connected, but whether or not we are tuned in and paying attention dramatically impacts the quality of our life.

I’m still learning the tuning in part. I know when I’m there, but not always how to get there. When I’m connected to my source, I feel alive, peaceful, and connected to something larger than myself. There is a gentle loving voice in my head that whispers words of wisdom to me. I call it my sweetness voice, nothing like my fearful ego voice that tends to yell, scream, and panic; telling me what is so important so urgent. My sweet voice is gentle, calm, patient, and loving; everything we would want in a parent. This voice can be a guide in our life, if we choose to tune in and listen.

Sometimes I hear words so important for me that it causes tingles in my body; usually in my head, neck, spine and arms. I call these my truth tingles. Our job is to pay attention to tingles and other body feedback like emotions, pain, urges, and thoughts. Paying attention is a big part of living in union. If we listen, the reminders can be gentle and easy. If we don’t, the reminders can be loud and painful. The choice is ours!

It starts with the desire and intention to do so. It also requires slowing down to listen and tune in to this aspect of ourselves. Sometimes when I’m very still and peaceful like sitting in nature, the voice comes on it’s own. At those times, I say hello my friend, and listen a while. This is how today’s blog got started! I was sitting on my patio enjoying the fabulous weather and my friend came visiting. So I pulled up another chair to listen a while.

This is a playful way of reminding me to make time and space for spirit in my life. Then I sat down and started writing. I heard some of this while on the patio and some is coming as I write. It’s exciting to have the channel open and flowing. Thank you very much! I took a break to sit on the patio again.

How refreshing! As soon as I sat down, I felt tingles of aliveness coursing through my body. I could have enjoyed the feeling longer, but my mind is engaged in the article and sharing what I’m experiencing. As I mentioned in my first blog, my intention is to share signposts along the journey. It looks be a trail marked by peace, love, joy and other treasures that we find.

What I realized on my walk around the neighborhood is how gratitude can open the door. That’s what I did the second time on the patio. Another signpost is to savor; to be fully present, alert and open to good. During my walk, I was feeling the aliveness of connection as well as the sweet whispers of my voice. My voice calls me sweetness to remind me of how precious life is. I hope that you hear your own sweet voice encouraging you to savior your precious life.

I’d love to hear your tips for living in union.


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