Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl poem

image source Facebook

My heart flew away with you

time and breath stood still

Desire urging me forward

while fear grabbed my heart

Left alone with my longings

I shook like a wet dog

inhaled and remembered

The beauty before me

sparkling like a Diamond Girl*

Poetry in motion

that took away my fears

Traded for sublime joy

tingles to my toes

And I am home again

~muse brad

* Hommage to two diamond girls who inspired this poem: the Seals and Crofts’ song and Shawn Bird’s poem. 

4 thoughts on “Diamond Girl

  1. Hi Brad, I love your poetry!
    So sweet! well articulated…desire and fear! two emotions which are so friendly to each other, as if intertwined like the creepers!
    Sweet dreams with your diamond girl!


  2. Thanks Balroop! Poetry is my first love, even before Diamond Girl. 🙂 Yes, my emotions often get all tangled up until I find peace or love to soothe my soul. Unfortunately, I haven’t met my human diamond girl yet!


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