Awesome Stories 1.46

This week’s Awesome Stories bring you joyful dancing, gigantic solar, the call of nature, soulful poetry and amazing courage.Awesome Stories 1.46

The Call of Nature

Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. ~ Edward Abbey

Nature calls me often and deeply. I love this article by Paul Kingsnorth. He so clearly and poignantly describes the call of nature and the beauty of retreat in nature. And I completely agree with him, that taking time to remove ourselves from daily life is critically important, especially when we face environmental challenges. Who really knows if we have the right answers in our fast paced, technology driven, piecemeal approach to sustainability. We are attempting to learn and model nature with Biomimicry, but like Paul, I question whether sustainable consumerism and development are even possible, or as I suspect, they are oxymorons and flawed approaches. Read his post, then please share your thoughts on nature, quiet time, and solving the challenges of our day.

Japan Gets Serious about Solar

Japan just opened their largest solar installation yet in an effort to step up the use of renewables. The offshore Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant is located off the southern shore of Japan. It will produce 70MW of electricity, enough to power about 22,000 homes. A nice feature I like is the adjacent tour facility.  It offers a viewing platform, education on environmental issues and solar, along with the opportunity to promote a low carbon society.

Dance with Joy!

Prepare to smile and dance! Debbie has a flash mob dance in her OR before surgery. This seems like a great way to boost her attitude, energy and immune system, plus it looks like they all had fun!

Hybrid Solar System

Myer Burger Technology has created a unique hybrid solar system that produces both hot water and electricity to power your building. It’s part of a larger Swiss alliance to make simpler and more sustainable building systems.  The goal of the 2SOL Alliance is the reliable and economic reduction of the CO2 emissions in buildings. Their pilot units are about 10% more efficient than traditional solar PV systems.

Sri Lestari Takes a Ride 

What’s inspiring about Sri taking a motorcycle ride? Her legs are paralyzed, and she was house bound for 10 years, but became tired of living as a shut-in. After buying a modified cycle that fit her wheelchair,  Sri regained her mobility and independence. In turn, she found a passion for helping other disabled people live more fully by her example. Watch as she rides her way to freedom and joy, inspiring others to do the same.

Poetic Turns and Awesome Photos

I’d like to share the gifts of  a wonderful woman named Skye, who is both a poet and photographer. I love this poem of hers called “Poured Out”. Enjoy!

Fall in Love with the Questions

These words hit me like a brick. I have a friend, Dave, who is continually curious about life. He talks about fostering flourishing and has a true passion for questions and discovery. Dave’s a great example of loving the questions. Julio Olalla sums up his view as ‘Love Life’ and simply states “I thank life for this!” Watch this wise and touching video interview on KarmaTube.

I’d love to hear what inspires you. Does nature call to you? How do you think we can solve the sustainability puzzle?

Blessings, Brad


6 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.46

  1. Recalling Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares…” out of all the amazing and thoughtful nuggets you have shared over time, nothing (in my opinion) compares to Julio Olalla. As the father of Ontological Coaching, I have read many of his works and listening to countless Olalla recordings. This one is classic Julio – simply wonderful. At this moment, his words inspire me. Thanks, Brad!


  2. Hard to respond to this one Eric, If I have reached the pinnacle, then it seems I have only to fall from here. Though I do understand and feel a profound wisdom from Julio. Thanks for reminding me that I want to learn much more about him and his work. Have you studied with him or his program? Has he influenced your coaching?


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