Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me PinkTickle Me Pink

Thank goodness for Pink

Without pink the world would stink

If we had no pinks, violets and blues

Life would be rather dull without those hues

Without those same sex pairs

We would be a bunch of squares

Yes boys and girls make fine pairs

And help make the family new heirs

But this isn’t about procreation 

It about raising our vibration

To see the beauty in all creation

Instead of attacking and controlling others

Let’s embrace them as sisters and brothers

Thank goodness for all the colors of the rainbow

The wonderful mix surely does glow

I’d like to say for once and all

I celebrate pink and all the ways to enthrall


 I was inspired to celebrate women, men, diversity, equality and pink. Diversity makes life sweet!

muse brad


4 thoughts on “Tickle Me Pink

  1. Love this! Here’s to raising our vibration!! Sad how much time some humanoids waste judging one another…We should be celebrating happiness regardless of the path taken. Your poetry rocks, Brad. 🙂


  2. Thanks Shauna, Yes, it’s silly how much time and energy we spend resisting and fighting what is, rather than celebrating life and what we enjoy. Of course, I’m learning and applying this more in my life! Great to have you on my team!


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