Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors by Brad

I’m playing a game with my cyber friend Ailsa of Where’s my backback?.

She holds weekly photo challenges asking readers to create posts and pictures based on her challenge idea. This week’s challenge is called Smoke and Mirrors. Here is my first offering to play the travel post game.

This entry is from our local Lake Fayetteville where I often go to hike, play or photograph. No actual smoke or mirrors, just the beauty of light dancing and reflecting off the water.

Smoke & MirrorsKind of looks like smoke! This one was taken at the Buffalo National River, our wonderful regional treasure that is being threatened by a permit to a new hog farm near this pristine river. If you’d like to help preserve this treasure, please sign this petition. Thanks!


This one was taken at another local lake called Lake Lincoln. We are blessed with many local areas to hike and enjoy nature. I may have gotten carried away with the digital effects!

Smoke & Mirror 1Which is your favorite? What nature spots feed your soul? I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings, Brad


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