Good News 1.14

Please help spread the Good News in your life and the world.angel bead

There are many wonderful things happening in the world. And yes, I see the challenges and problems, but I believe we have more impact focusing on Good News, passions and growing what we want rather than fighting what we don’t want.

This is a touching story about Noah, a young boy from MD who was planning his suicide when his parents intervened. They were inspired to ask for support over social media. The response was a tidal wave of letters that has helped change Noah’s life. He now realizes there are people who care and that looking for the good helps him feel better. A great reminder about the power of words and focus.

photo credit Facebook, unknown artist.

Surprisingly, Texas is at the front of the green revolution. If Texas was a country, it’s wind energy generated would be the 6th largest in the world and the largest in the US. Texas has 12,000 megawatts of installed wind energy capacity. Wind energy has been a boon to the Texas economy, adding about 10,000 jobs, new manufacturing companies and extra income to many rural farmers and towns. This is a great example of how green energy can help grow our economy. Let get on the wind farm today!Wind Energy Texas

Mike Worsman is on a journey to capture a million smiles. His story is highlighted in this fun video about W.V. Sugathapala Damameella Watta. He is a security guard who has realized that his job is to spread happiness. He tells how it’s no use holding on to anger, resentment and the like. We are here for a short while. Share the happiness and smiles by sharing this video.

Things are heating up for solar! The UAE just brought their huge 100MW Shams1 desert solar project online. It is the world’s largest solar collector project, for now, covering two and a half square kilometers with 768 long rows of parabolic collectors. The collectors focus the sun to heat up fluid in tubes along the mirrors. In turn, the heated fluid is used to generate steam and generate electricity.

High school student, Sara Volz, won a $100,000 Intel Science Talent Contest! I wish she was a relative, but I’m still pleased by her name and her results! She won the prize, amoung 1700 others, for her experiment in growing algae for biofuel. Sara won for her creative way of artificially selecting the algae that produced the most oil, thereby reducing costs and increasing yield. Algae has great potential as a biofuel due to it’s lower land, water and inputs needed compared to other biofuels.

Another touching story; this one about Choi Sung-Bong, a young Korean who wowed the audience with his performance on Korea’s Got Talent. What’s even more amazing is his story of survival and persistence living on his own since he was 5 years old. His story is good perspective for me, reminding me of how blessed I am.

How about you? Can you find something to be thankful for in your life? 

Please share the Good News!

4 thoughts on “Good News 1.14

  1. Let me see…Noah, no wait, The Happiest Man in Sri Lanka, okay, for sure it was Choi the kid with nothing who had heart and soul to give. Too much competition — I choose ALL of the above. You keep providing the great material, I’ll deal with my emotional issues… 😉


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