Elementals #10 – Simplicity

Elementals #10 – Simplicity

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This week I didn’t get to take a nature walk, and that might be the case for the next few weeks. I’m working extra shifts before my vacation in mid-September. I’m finally going back east to visit my mother in Virginia. We’ve been waiting for the virus to calm down, but I’m long overdue for a visit, and realized things may never calm or “return to normal”. This means it’s time to visit my mother, even with the risks. The virus and extreme measures have stripped away many of our comforts, freedoms, jobs, and social venues. I don’t like the changes, especially since I believe the restrictions are meant to control and distract us. However, I can choose how I respond. Other than the occasional rant and alternative post on Facebook, I remind myself what is most important and attempt to align my life with those.

My priorities continue to be kindness, freedom, simplicity, and harmony with life.

The word “elemental” speaks to simplicity. It reminds me we are part of nature and the web of life. Our individual lives work much better when we think, act, and choose as part of a bigger life. We might call it learning to flow and work with life, rather than against life. I’m not sure what are the lessons from this virus challenge (especially since I’ve come to believe bad people have planned much of what has happened). The lessons seem to be about acceptance and flowing with life. I believe we are having a spiritual journey to rediscover our essential goodness, our unity with life,ย  and how nature/God/universe is directing the show. The trials of mankind don’t have to make sense, but if I trust in a higher power, then life is not mine to control.

My choice and power come in how I respond to life.

And I know from many painful experiences that life is much harder when we resist what life brings us. Peace, love, and flow come from accepting what is and making the best of it. So I continue to focus on taking care of myself, being kind to others, doing my job, and living day-to-day. Even though I enjoy looking for big picture patterns, the machinations of our economy, politics, and big money elites are well beyond my control.

All this is to say, I feel better and flow when I accept what is and make choices to align with life and my values. Another turtle showed up by my patio as I was writing this post, which helped confirm my focus on simplicity and unity. Most Native American traditions view turtles as symbols of creation and interconnection. You can read more about Turtle Island, but my key takeaways are to live in peace, respect, and unity with life.

May your week be full of flow and simplicity.


72 thoughts on “Elementals #10 – Simplicity

  1. Brad your post is so profound and inspiring. Simplicity in everything that we do in our lives be it love, kindness, empathy and yes each and everyone’s life has gone for a toss with the Corona virus that has come with a bang but we can be positive and be at peace and quietness. Lovely post. Stay safe and take care.

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  2. i love this post brad, your sweet turtle friends that continue shining their wisdom, and i resonate with all that you shared. i’m so happy that you are going to visit your mom this month. a mini vacation will be so nice and i agree, now is the time to embrace things as we’re not promised what tomorrow may bring or that it even will come. love and warm hugs! happy september!

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  3. Your posts feel like mantras, Brad. There is so much that is beyond our control these days. But not our attitudes and values and whether we choose to live with those in mind. I enjoy your posts and the frequent reminders. And turtles… โค

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  4. Acceptance and letting go…are two of the great lessons for living a good life. Regardless what is going on…including the virus, accepting our personal limitations does make a huge difference to the way we live and survive through any situation. I also believe that the simple things in life, walking in nature, doing something creative each and every day are like a blob of beautiful icing on top of the cake – oh and welcoming a turtle:)
    Hope you have a safe trip back to see your Mother…Janet :)XX

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  5. Great writing, Brad. You have so much wisdom in this post, especially how difficult life gets when we resist what life brings our way. Very Daoist, but then again also found in most great philosophies of the world ~ make the best of what comes our way, and the world can be quite beautiful. You also write about your planned vacation/visit to your Mother in Virginia, perfect. I flew in to Seattle last month with the specific goal of visiting family, even with restrictions and it was perfect. Needed time. Wish you well, even with your longer hours of work prior to your vacation, and when the time comes ~ safe travels.

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  6. Beautifully said Brad…. While we understand perhaps much more of what is occurring beneath the surface to all of this right now… We have to keep that flow of love flowing through our veins and keeping our view on the horizon of optimism… Knowing all shall be revealed as and when…
    Wonderful that you are going back to visit your Mom, and I am sure both of you will be perfectly safe from any virus…
    And yes your choice of power is exactly right….. It is who we are… as we live by example…
    Love and Blessings my friend… and don’t work too hard in those extra shifts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care.. Sue โค

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  7. Hi dear Brad, yes! Once again I really find myself resonating with your words and sentiments here. I can only echo what you describe here as the importance of cultivating an attitude of acceptance. I have a little rebel-side within which sometimes conflicts with accepting everything as it is – maybe you have that side to? I feel – if we are called to be a part of the change, its for a reason..just my feeling… At the same times, its good to accept things we absolutely cant change. Ah well, basically just referring to the serenity prayer here I think!! Wishing you a fabulous vacation, and kudos for promoting peace, kindness, and interconnectedness!! Love that!!! Big hugs!!:)

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  8. Thank you for sharing your “key take-aways,” which I agree are a necessity if we want to feel the Spirit within us, and around us. The turtle visiting you was definitely a sign (as you and I have mentioned in previous posts/comments). She is so lovely and solid and THERE with her being. May we be as well. Have a terrific trip and visit with your mom.

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  9. “And I know from many painful experiences that life is much harder when we resist what life brings us.” I believe this is the fundamental lesson in what we are all experiencing right now. Your determination to be an example of peace and to stand in your truth is an inspiration. Hope all of those extra shifts fly by and you find yourself at your mom’s in Virginia sooner than you think. A short trip may be wonderful medicine right now.

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  10. An inspiring post Brad, always lovely to read about your worldly musings. Love the turtle who came to share his connection with you and resonate with your paceโค๏ธ When we slow down we begin to see how all the pieces seem to fit together… Even to realise Team Dark are indeed our own aspects resurfacing for acknowledgment before their release. Sending you love x

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  11. This is beautiful writing Brad and I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. Going with the flow, accepting that weโ€™re all one, simplicity in our being and being aligned with kindness and compassion. Yes to it all! I hope you enjoy your time with your mother. Lifeโ€™s too short to not take risks, especially when this virus is primarily about control. We need to take a measure of that back. Sending love, hugs and blessings to you my friend. xx

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  12. Hi Brad! This is such a great piece of writing. There are many ideas that you put together in such a cohesive, synergistic way. These times definitely present new challenges to each of us. It has also made such a divide between people…kind of set us back a few centuries where our oneness is concerned. Maybe the biggest lesson is that even though we are ONE, that does not mean that we have to have the same views…because that will never happen. I think it is okay for us to state what we believe…but that shouldn’t make an angry mob come down on us with their beliefs! My Mom always said there are three things you should never talk about: money, politics, and religion. Perhaps we should take a step back and put those topics back on the DO NOT TALK ABOUT list because it seems to me that there is not a lot of tolerance when people do speak their truths about these topics.
    Anyway…I hope that you are having the best time with your family! I hope you Mom is doing well…and maybe she is in a different place and ready to receive help. Many Sweet Blessings…lots of love and light โค


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