Fungi Fantasia

Fungi Fantasia

fungi, poetry

Image by Kristin Jones


funky fungi glow

nature’s unsung recyclers

harbingers of life











fungi, fun,fungi 2








Fungi are endlessly fascinating to me. I love the variety of colors, shapes, textures, and habitats they occupy (from the desert to the deep sea.) Did you know they have their own kingdom, separate from plants or animals? Scientists estimate there are 2-4 million species even though only 120,000 have been identified. Their principal function is to break down organic matter and recycle nutrients for plants, trees, insects, and ecosystems. Scientists have great hope for fungi. They have been shown to be able to digest oil, trash, plastics, and more. They might help us find new medicines, foods, mitigate climate change, and reduce pollution. If you want to learn more about fungi, explore this Wikipedia article.

To see more of Kristin’s beautiful photography, visit her on Facebook or Fine Art America. I probably won’t be posting until my return in October from visiting family.

May your month be full of freaky fun and fantastic fungi. πŸ„


54 thoughts on “Fungi Fantasia

  1. Hi Brad, hereΒ΄s to funky fungi fun! I actually did not know much about fungi at all before reading your beautiful words and taking in those stunning photographs. You really take some amazing pictures! Thank you for educating me, have a fungulous (haha) time on your trip:) Hugs!

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  2. I was weeding beneath the cabbages the other day and came across lots of little tiny toadstools nestled beneath the leaves… I love Autumn and walking in the woods, so many varieties as you say… And love the Mycelium and the intricate web of communication it weaves between the roots of trees…. It is a whole Other world…. I so agree.. πŸ˜€
    Have a Super Week Brad

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  3. Infinitely cool fungi, you have here. They are fascinating, aren’t they? If not for fungi, life would not migrate to land. They are like Gods in this sense. I saw an incredible documentary on fungi on YouTube and I did not think I could be that excited over fungus but I really am.

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