Turtle Island

Turtle Island

mother earth


peace be upon you

brothers and sisters unite

leave your hatred and prejudices behind

no race or species better than another

may we remember our true nature

we’re one family united in time

walking gently upon Turtle Island


turtle island


I’ve been having turtles visit my back yard almost daily. I’d like to believe they are bringing me reminders to walk the good red road. In the Lakota tradition, “walking the red road” means to live purposely with virtue and awareness of the interconnected nature of the world. Wise Native elders lead according to the idea of protecting the earth for future children (or seven generations) in their decision making. According to Native American teachings, turtles are a symbol of fertility, healing, spirituality, and wisdom. Others consider them a sign for good health, longevity, perseverance, and protection. Many Native American tribes consider them the bringers of life itself and called the earth Turtle Island. They remind us to walk our path in peace, respecting and honoring all life.

Turtle Island

AhoΒ Mitakuye Oyasin

48 thoughts on “Turtle Island

  1. Dear Brad, what a beautiful, uplifting, and insightful post! That is so lovely
    that you have turtle visitors in your backyard. I loved learning about the Lakota-concept of “walking the red road” with you, and I could not agree more with their philosophy! I feel the worldΒ΄s wisdom traditions are a great way to orient oneself in these upside-down-times. I also really enjoyed and resonated with your excellent poem, and really appreciate you emphasizing the interconnectedness of ALL life forms and species…I remember reading this at the entry of Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia:”The earth is not only for humans”… Hugs and blessings, my friend

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  2. A wonderful poem on the turtles, Brad and yes the fact that they are coming in your backyard there must be some sign they want to convey. Even I have a tortoise and he stays at my house from the last three years. Just roams our flat and is so quiet and nice. We love him.

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  3. Beautiful and and deeply touching poem.
    β€œ we’re one family united in time
    walking gently upon Turtle Island β€œ. How true and I love learning that the Lakota
    People called Earth Turtle Island. The strong connection between all living
    is on that I find so comforting in the Native American belief.
    It is reflected in the original Australian Aboriginals, the Bushman in Africa.


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  4. how beautiful that turtles are visiting you brad! i just adore them, have always loved their symbolism, and as i told you they remind me of my sweet russian tortoise, gaia. she was a powerhouse. i do believe they are around you bringing their wisdom and messages. they’re just such sweet ancient souls…sounds like they found a like minded spirit πŸ™‚ ❀

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  5. Oh wow Brad, how wonderful to have these beautiful creatures visit your back garden.. What a delight and yes the Signs of their presence within your boundaries a beautiful SIGN for you…
    May the world also take heed of your lovely words Brad… We want Peace , tolerance, Unity and respect for ALL upon our planet..
    Have a beautiful day, so loved these images Brad.. Thank you my friend for sharing them along with your poem πŸ™‚
    Much love πŸ™πŸ’š

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  6. Thankfully there are still some of us out here in this crazed world who walk the earth with compassion and respect! Great words Brad and thanks for sharing them. I love you are getting turtles in your yard! Such delightful beings to share space with. Enjoy them πŸ™‚ VK ❀

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  7. I never knew this, Brad. I do know I’ve always been attracted to turtles, which I was afraid was weird. I once had a ‘spiritual conversation’ with a small woodland turtle that was stuck in a glass enclosure for years. He was actually fine with it. “In the present, always,” he said. It’s wonderful reading here about the Native Americans’ beliefs regarding turtles. Perhaps that’s why I included Ted the Turtle in my latest children’s book – Molly Finds Her Purr. Wow – what insight (thanks to you!)

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  8. β€œTo live purposely with virtue and awareness of the interconnected nature of the world.”
    That sentence is truly inspiring. I once had a turtle and I understand why they have those virtues assigned because they really seem to radiate peace

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  9. How fun to be visited by turtles, Brad. There some Native American groups who have a legend that Turtle was the Great Earth Mother and carried the world on her back. Turtle can also be a lesson and reminder when we are trying to take on too great of a burden.
    Are you familiar with the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sands & David Carson? It’s best to get the set that has both cards and the beautifully written book.
    Hugs on the wing.

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