turtle island

Turtle Island

Turtle Island ~ peace be upon you brothers and sisters unite leave your hatred and prejudices behind no race or species better than another may we remember our true nature we’re one family united in time walking gently upon Turtle Island ~   I’ve been having turtles visit my back yard almost daily. I’d like…

Soul Spaces 115 – Ancient Sentinels

Ancient Sentinels ~ ancient hardwood trees guardians of forest paths towers of wisdom ~ tiptoeing through the forest a peaceful stillness prevails the ancients are watching wondering if we will ever wake up or simply keep racing through life consuming our lattes and danish with the earth in the balance the choices of mankind lie…

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Awesome Stories 346

This week brings you biomimicry, sacred service, and rising up. Biomimicry I love that designers and manufacturers are finally learning from nature to design products and processes that are more compatible with the natural world. The ultimate goal is life cycle production where there won’t be any waste from manufacturing at all. Janine Benyus is…

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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom   mine the depth of your soul harvesting pearls of wisdom polished in the trials of your life ~   For those of us struggling with challenges, remember there are hidden gifts within our challenges. – muse brad image from http://all-free-download.com/

family, Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

Is today a happy Father’s Day? Are you at peace with your relationship to your father? Reading posts around the internet, it appears that many of us still have “daddy issues”. I mean no disrespect. I’ve been there, had many issues with my father and gradually reclaimed my peace and restored our relationship over a…

Awesome Stories 1.48

Awesome Stories 1.48

This week in Awesome Stories we find courage, dedication, connection and mushrooms. Winter Arrives Early! We don’t get much snow in Northwest Arkansas, so the 6″-8″ dusting we received was a pleasant surprise. Yesterday I was out walking, playing and photographing. Here’s my humble abode covered in a blanket of snow. Happy Winter! Cynthia I’m…