Elementals #8

Elementals #8

This week I’m sharing a taste of my neighborhood walks. I don’t get out to the state parks much anymore, so I try to get my nature time locally. Thankfully, I’ve learned to find and appreciate simple joys where I am, allowing nature’s elemental beauty to speak to my heart.Β 

I’m still seeing turtles in my yard and neighborhood. They must really want me to learn the lessons of mother earth; grounding, flow, compassion, and protection.

Flowers always capture my attention and heart. They remind me of the beauty in the world, no matter how fleeting.

Walkways are meant to keep us on the trail, whether literally to protect nature or manage traffic and pedestrian flow.

Surprises. I found this moth resting or dying on the path. He made no attempt to move as I hovered to appreciate and photograph.

Nature is a master artist. I love finding perspectives like this simple mosaic of color and textures.

May your week be full of elemental beauty and joy.


65 thoughts on “Elementals #8

  1. Yes, beautiful elements of nature, Brad. I
    love the turtle! 🐒 A good reminder to slow down and appreciate beauty that is all around us. I also really like that stairway capture. πŸ™‚

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  2. You show in these pictures that Mother Nature is everywhere.as long as we look and acknowledge it. Often we travel long distances when in fact there is so much to see right under our noses. Thank you for this reminder Brad. X

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  3. You know, it’s these kinds of photos that make me want to report you to Facebook and have you banned!!!

    Too soon?

    Just kidding of course. Still don’t understand why you were blocked.

    Keep doing what your doing!!! These were all really nice.


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  4. “Elemental” joy…and nature. You’ve already taught me much about turtles. This one is as handsome as one gets! But, the ant crawling over the almost-dead moth. What indignity! The cycle of life… elemental.

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  5. Looks like you and nature have been enjoying yourselves Brad! Fun pictures….Nature has become my saving grace through all of this hysteria and violence and just staying home….You listen to those turtles Brad. You know the meaning, perhaps you are meant to be perfecting one of those areas. We all have many lessons to understand and grow from sitting before us…Much like synchronicity these animal totems are like guide stones showing us where to go next. Have a successful journey πŸ™‚ VK

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  6. Thanks Brad, you captured natureΒ΄s artistry so beautiful once again! I felt as if I was right there walking beside you and relishing the sweet joys of tranquility. Love all the photos, and especially the last one! Thank you for offering us this serene oasis of peace. Blessings and hugs πŸ™‚

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  7. Wow!! Look at everyone over here, Alexander! LOVE LOVE these pictures! And I love what Drew said too!! I’ve been staying close to home and just going to places within 5-10 minutes of us. I just have no desire to wander far these days and like you, am appreciating beauty in every form possible. Great pictures!! Food for the soul! xo

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  8. Beautiful Brad.. Nature is our Sanctuary and safe harbour, and we need to just focus in on those energies, as the outer world is trying so hard to cause disharmony within our inner one…
    Some people are falling for all the external trauma’s often because it is a reflection of their own inner one, insecurities, fears, anger etc..
    While if we focus on the simple things, the beauty, the calm, then so too our inner being calms as we breathe in Mother Natures air….
    Much love my friend… Have a great rest of your week. πŸ’šπŸ™

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