Elementals #7

Elementals #7nature, flowers, love



a walk in the park

communing with bees and plants

starstruck lovers swoon


I’m reviving my Elementals Series as a simple and fun way to share my love for nature. Especially in this time of corona madness, I’m grateful for a scenic yard, woodsy neighborhood, and easy access to nature. Walking around the nearby parks has become my primary tool for getting out of the house and changing my lockdown mindset into one of ease and well-being. If you want reminders on how to take care of yourself, please visit my post on Self Care.

The Elementals series started with a hike at nearby Lake Fayetteville that felt inspired and magical, thus the play on words with “elementals” as magical nature beings.

May your week be full of beauty and magic.Β 


63 thoughts on “Elementals #7

  1. Yesss! Love this! Gorgeous photo dear Brad, and I totally resonate with your words and sentiments here. Nature is truth! And true wealth! πŸ™‚ Just like yourself, I find peace and a respite from the mind madness that seems to be very present these days in media and unquestioned thoughts blurred out almost anywhere by “disappearing into nature” aka my little garden. Love elementals!! Thanks so much for this Brad. Big hugs y abrazos from across the ocean

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  2. Nature is the best medicine. The photo is pure delight. All that sunny yellow life. So good to hear you are cultivating peace, Brad. So important right now.

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  3. Brilliant Brad… Its wonderful to get out into Nature and enjoy all she has to share… The bees I am missing so much as it seems while in March we had quiet a lot of bees buzzing around, it has since gone very quiet, .. I am hoping they are soon to return our garden needs ALL our bees..
    Sending thoughts your way Brad… Enjoy your Elementals my friend Nature Heals.. πŸ™‚ ❀

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