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A Season of Change

A Season of Change ~ earthy smells delightful colors a time for letting go slowing and savoring decay lingers in the air the leaves are falling nature is storing her energy Joe Biden is President-Elect hope is in the air ~

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Slow Money, Humanism, and Nurture Capitalism

Slow Money, Humanism, and Nurture Capitalism The Slow Money movement seeks to build on the ideas and momentum of the Slow Food movement. For today, I will focus on the work of Woody Tasch and the Slow Money movement.  Humanism as defined by Woody Tasch; The cultural context that allows us to nurture, even in…

Dewy Delights

~ earthy aromas water adorns tiny webs a sublime beauty ~ ~ These images were all taken in mom’s yard on my visit to Virginia. It was a magical morning after a light dew from a cool evening. I especially love how the spider webs and water drops form a sparkling mosaic. ~ ~ Reading…

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Backyard Beauty

Backyard Beauty I’ve recently returned from my trip east to visit family and help mom get her yard in shape. I love tending the gardens for her as a way to ground myself, find beauty, and restore her gardens for mom and others to enjoy. I inherited my love of flowers, gardens, and nature from…

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Trailside Beauty

Trailside Beauty ~ nature’s beauty calls whispers among the forest the language of love ~ Much like John Muir, I go to the woods to be set right. To restore my mind, body, and spirit by communing with nature. These images are taken along one of my favorite places to hike around town at Lake…

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Elementals #9

Elementals #9 May peace and beauty fill our hearts. I’m continuing to sit with the idea of championing freedom vs simply being free and love in action. I believe what we focus on or resist grows, so continually noticing, protesting, or talking about the problems in the world will only help expand them. Ultimately, this…

Elementals #8

Elementals #8 This week I’m sharing a taste of my neighborhood walks. I don’t get out to the state parks much anymore, so I try to get my nature time locally. Thankfully, I’ve learned to find and appreciate simple joys where I am, allowing nature’s elemental beauty to speak to my heart.  I’m still seeing…

natural wonders

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders ~ the gift of friendship trees, bees, and flowers a babbling brook a path to walk mountain tops to see a broader view a sunset to pause and reflect these are a few of my favorite things the natural wonders ~ I took some time to hang out with friends in the last…

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Green Goodness

Green Goodness ~ looking up I felt protected sheltered by a canopy of green glowing with light and vitality yet also tranquil like a still lake soothing to my mind and soul a moment of green goodness ~

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Elementals #7

Elementals #7   ~ a walk in the park communing with bees and plants starstruck lovers swoon ~ I’m reviving my Elementals Series as a simple and fun way to share my love for nature. Especially in this time of corona madness, I’m grateful for a scenic yard, woodsy neighborhood, and easy access to nature.…