Elementals #9

Elementals #9

May peace and beauty fill our hearts.

I’m continuing to sit with the idea of championing freedom vs simply being free and love in action.

I believe what we focus on or resist grows, so continually noticing, protesting, or talking about the problems in the world will only help expand them. Ultimately, this time of crisis offers choices that could decide our common fate. Certainly, we have an opportunity to build our energy, our vision, our love, and our compassionate action. We can focus and direct those energies to help bring our visions into the world. While I build my vision and energy, I will continue writing about love, beauty, inspiration, and nature.

Today, let’s celebrate the elemental beauty that is always around if we shift our focus and awareness. I found all these treasures in the yard.

nature, beauty

I love these miniature art pieces. This is a close up of a rock step after the rain showing off her micro-community of colors, textures, and life.

elemental beauty

Of course, I can’t resist my love for flowers and their beautiful blossoms.

elemental beauty

You can see the water drops making these pine leaves sparkle. The effect in person was quite magical.

elemental beauty

Another micro art scene courtesy of nature.

elemental beauty

And a little artistic fun. Can you guess what this is?

If we want a world with more love, cooperation, freedom, peace, and beauty, then we must work to help bring them alive.

Thank you for celebrating a little beauty with me.

60 thoughts on “Elementals #9

  1. “I believe what we focus on or resist grows” Yes, so much yes Brad! And this blog post helps us literally grow in the RIGHT direction. Of all my values – FREEDOM is the highest. Thank you for championing this, in both your photography and your words. This ^ is what my heart needed on today’s Wellness Wednesday. May the blessings you share, come back tenfold today – and always.

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    • I’m glad you can relate Andrea. Freedom is at the top of my list too and I happen to believe more of us need to wake up and see all the loss of freedoms happening around the world. Then we need to rise up and reclaim our sovereignty and power.

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  2. Is it a fungus growing on bark from a tree?
    I love the adventures in the yard, exploring the micro world of nature. It’s like we can shrink down to that size and “sit” with the elements 🙂. The water 💧 on the pine gave me that sensation that only water droplets on pine can do…. does it smell just as lovely?

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  3. Beautiful, Brad – such a gentle yet empowering post, and what a wonderful way to end my workday on the screen, thank you! I am totally with you on feeling both the urge to champion positive change AND focus on the myriad of blessings and wonders that we are already gifted with. Maybe its about finding the balance between both? Neither denying the at times painful aspects of reality, nor succumbing to its negative pull. Holding our inner power and healing focus in the midst of adversity… LOVE your nature photos!!! They are truly enchanting little pieces of art. And what IS the last pic? Curious:) Hugs!

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  4. Your post is just wonderful, Brad. With the big picture in mind you turn to nature’s smaller sized wonders and beauties. I love every one of them and tend to take close up photos in nature too.
    You go, with such positive energy nothing can get lost.


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  5. Brad, your words confirmed my decision recently which is to firmly walk away from all in this world, to quit talking about it, moaning about it, complaining about it, and instead to focus on myself as I walk IN LOVE and PEACE wherever I go. And you know what? Resistance versus speaking truth and walking in Love is more effective then any bellyaching. Thank you for much for joining the Force of Light in a world gone dark. However, the Light wherever it shines will banish the dark, that I do know! LOVED your pictures! Thank you! xo

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  6. I am so happy to land here and to see that you are shining a light so bright with love, peace, acceptance, and understanding. It is so easy to fall down into the negative energy that surrounds us. But at this time we need all the light workers to shine SHINE SHINE! And you are shining Brad!
    I hope that things are good…I know they have to be challenging…I just hope you see possibilities and always feel love! ❤

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  7. If we want a world with more love, cooperation, freedom, peace, and beauty, then we must work to help bring them alive.

    WOW how razor sharp true Brad! Thanks for spreading more of what you love …. it blesses your world and our shared world as a whole. KEEP BLESSING AND INSPIRING MY FRIEND!!! 🌎❤️⭐️💫💫💫💫

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  8. So delightful to read your musings Brad… doesn’t it feel freeing to realise giving on fighting and the dark only gives dark team energy! AND we can then bring the beauty and magnificence of earth to the forfront❤️ Maybe time for you to participate in my magical new earth writing challenge? Sharing with the world your vision, your feelings on the beauty that is here already to enjoy😆 Thankyou😃
    Is it a bench in which you sit and observe❤️
    Much love x

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