7 Tips for Flowing with Life

Everyone wants to flow and feel good. But sometimes we get stuck in negative feelings and events, forgetting that we hold the keys for changing our lives.

The magic keys are our focus and feelings.

The secret to flowing with life can be summed up as doing more things that feel good.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. ― Rumi

As your feelings go, your life goes. I know from often trying to fix myself, that focusing on the problem and forcing a solution doesn’t work. We can’t find solutions from a space of lack. Only by feeling good can we receive new insights that lead to creative solutions or maybe the realization that everything is just fine as it is.

Creating visions, strategies, and action steps can be useful to focus our mind and life. It’s important to feed our dreams with passion and good feelings, followed by appropriate action. We build more momentum in our lives by continually directing our attention and action in the direction of our dreams and things that feel good.

These 2 aspects of mind and emotion complement each other. Our feelings are the fuel to inspire and motivate. Our minds are the organizing tool to direct energy in our life. By enjoying the moment, we build our fuel supply to power action toward our dreams.

These tips are ways to get flowing when we slip into patterns of doubt, fear, or negativity. The key is shifting our attention off the problem, unto something that feels good. Feeling good helps aligns us with our true  spiritual nature. Then answers and next steps can flow into our awareness.

7 Tips for Flowing with Life

Here are my favorite 7 tips for flowing with life.

1- Go play. See how silly you can be. If you need any tips, go watch kids play. Or taking a tip from Facets of Joy, allow yourself to  spontaneously roll down some hills!

2- Breath deeply. Breath is considered the bridge between body and spirit. Breath deeply of this precious gift called life .

3- Resist nothing. Try to remember that nothing in life is against us. When we resist we cause pain by blocking the flow of energy into our life.

4- Feel appreciation until you notice yourself open and relax. In a state of appreciation, we reconnect with our deepest spiritual nature, finding peace, love, and wisdom.

5- List the loves in your life. Zeenat of Positive Provocations suggests making a list of 50 things that we love about our life. When you are feeling down, read your list and remember all the good already present in your life.

6- Find awe. We often find awe in the beauty of nature. Gazing at the flowers or birds in my garden helps remind me of beauty and awe. Or spend time with a young child to see their wonder in everyday life.

7- Sing and dance. Go ahead and let loose. Shake your booty or sing, even if you’re off key! Find a place to relax your inhibitions and let loose. Singing and dancing are immediate ways to get your energy flowing. Walking or any physical movement is good too.

May you flow like water, finding the graceful path to more joy in your life.

Blessings, Brad


2 thoughts on “7 Tips for Flowing with Life

  1. I hope you remain in the flow of Life Brad… Keep singing and dancing, and trusting that love flows through everything.. We do not always know where our journey is leading us.. but trusting in the process allows all possibilities.. Great Post …
    Blessings Sue


  2. Thanks Sue, I have my moments and others when I get stuck like earlier in the week. I’m still learning how to accept and lean into the difficult feelings and circumstances. Yes, trust is very helpful, or sometimes going out to sing, dance or play in the garden! XD


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