bees, beauty, poetry

Beauty and the Bee

Beauty and the Bee ~ bright yellow flowers calling the bees to visit sweetness is buzzing ~ I stumbled onto this wonderful patch of yellow wildflowers while hiking along a creek near my mother’s house last month. I was surprised to see such a vivid display of flowers in late September. May your week be…

fields, play, poetry

Frolicking Fields

Frolicking Fields ~ blankets of color flowers dancing in the field frolicking we go ~ I rode past this field on my bike ride this past Sunday. The beautiful carpet of wildflowers was glowing with a multitude of colors. I wanted to go frolic in the field but it was private property, so I took…

little ones, Belen Soto

Little Reminders

Little Reminders ~ the little one’s glee shining innocent and free reminder to be ~ Here is another fun ceramic figure from Belén Soto, inspiring me to play and enjoy life. This cute character is called El Pequeño, meaning the little one, from the Duende family. He appears to be doing a famous yoga pose called…

tulips, poetry, #NaPoWriMo

Tulip Temptation

Tulip Temptation ~ bright glowing colors tulips dancing in the wind my heart is swaying ~ #NaPoWriMo day 19 Advertisements

spring, delight, poetry

Downtown Delights

Downtown Delights ~ springtime festivals nature delights our senses bursting with color ~ I took advantage of my day off to wander around downtown enjoying the signs of spring. The art features were a lovely complement to the colorful blossoms like in the photos below. Jason’s mural is full of color and joy with the…

snow, poetry, grace

The Grace of Snow

The Grace of Snow ~ a blanket of white soothes and calms my soul with the purity of love comes a fresh adventure ~ the grace of snow brings my spirit home body and mind united refreshed and ready to love ~ We had a brief and surprise dusting of snow Saturday afternoon. It was…

Lake Fayetteville, poetry,

Sweet Waters

Sweet Waters ~ crystal clear waters shining with heaven’s beauty sweet waters flowing ~ I finally got out to hike a short hike around a nearby lake called Lake Fayetteville. It’s a great place in town to hike, bike, walk, kayak, fish or picnic. I’m grateful for this local gem just a few miles away…

Santa 2

Merry Adventures

Merry Adventures  ~ children dance in glee lights shining in the darkness merry memories ~ For 14 years, the Stewart Family has been creating a Christmas festival of lights for children to enjoy. To celebrate the solstice, I took a friend who had never been to the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display. We had fun…

painting #35, poetry, digital art

Flowers of Joy

Flowers of Joy ~ mountains and meadows alive with sunny flowers my heart sings with joy ~ Recently, I’ve been following the digital art from ALOZADE Ahmed. This piece really grabbed my attention. He calls it “Sunny Flowers” and describes it “as the return to realism, the return to natural beauty, the return to contradictory forms…

wind, ripples, poetry, haiku

Dancing Wind

Dancing Wind ~ wind plays on water ripples swirling and swaying dancing with delight ~ Advertisements