My Credo

My Credo

Mission Statement

My overriding mission is to be more loving and peaceful in my daily life.

  • I focus more on my soul’s well being. 
  • I make more loving choices and actions that align with harmony and unity. 
  • I invest my time and energy into creating what I want; no longer wasting my energy fighting what is.
  • I treat people of all colors, races, religions, statuses, and genders with kindness and respect. 
  • I live in ways that value the personal and planetary well being more than economics.
  • I help build a society where power and responsibility belong to the people.
  • I live in restorative ways that help sustain the earth’s well being. 

I created this credo to help guide my life and keep me motivated.

Thank you for your time and energy. I’m grateful that you choose to spend time on my blog. How we invest our time and energy will largely determine the fate of our lives. My credo will help keep me focused on my visions, values, and purpose. The world is full of problems with far too many people complaining (myself included) about the way things are. I choose to align my life with the creative energy of love fueled by vision and action towards what I want in the world.

I choose love. I choose solutions. I choose harmony.

May peace and well being prevail.


83 thoughts on “My Credo

  1. Sooooo, love this Mantra and your Credo Brad… Its something we all should be doing daily…
    I especially love the last two…. Kudos to you Brad…
    Such a wonderful pleasure to read Brad and be part of your community here..
    Much love my friend ❤ 😀

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  2. It’s good to write these things out. I think we all have an idea of how we want to live, but the act of seeing it written down gives it more power. I consume no media at all and am mindful of where my energy goes. Your blog is a gentle sanctuary. Happy to have discovered it. 😊

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  3. This is amazing Brad, YAY you!!! I really believe (after many years of not knowing/ feeling this) that taking great care of yourself is the best care for everyone around you, too! And this credo is a magnificent part of that… Love it Brad!!! Will rest now, coz… selfcare 😛 Big hug

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  4. Beautiful, Brad. I wrote a credo a couple of decades ago, and your lovely post made me want to find it and perhaps update it a bit. I think it’s powerful when we put our words to paper. And I believe that what we put out to the world, comes back to us. ❤


  5. Nice to meet you Brad. I enjoyed reading your credo. I find when I write out my intentions, it gives my energy a road map to flow. I agree in investing time and energy into creating what I want; not wasting energy fighting what is. Blessings, Lisa

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  6. I love the positivity in this credo! And here’s my favorite line: I invest my time and energy into creating what I want; no longer wasting my energy fighting what is. I realized over the past several years that energy spent even discussing something negative just feeds it. Like you, I’m trying to create from a blank slate . . .

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  7. Brad, I applaud your efforts to live with intention. Without commitments to spending our time on what matters most to us, it is easy to have the years fly by and wonder what have we even been doing. I have been creating a month at a time plan for 2020 for just this reason. You have big dreams and putting them into action inspires others and keeps the energy moving from one person to the next. I would like to hear more about something you choose to do in relation to one of your missions above. I hope you will share.

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    • Thanks for your encouragement and support Ali. I admire your plan and commitment. The truth is I created this to try to focus and start taking more action. My pattern is to let time and life slip away. We’ll see if I follow through on this.

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  8. I was trying to edit my comment and bumped the wrong button. If our lives even occasionally line up with out ideals and plans, we’re making progress. The fact that we care and work toward being positive is important.

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  9. Beautiful credos Brad… intentions to guide us in those days we might not remember! Days we are all seemingly falling into with this virus… keep shining your light, it will allow you to keep moving forward🕺 much love, Barbara x

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