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Journeys ~ time marches on we journey forward sometimes riding high other times stumbling the clouds keep drifting and planets circle the sky our task is to peddle onward mindful of the beauty along the way ~ May your journey be full of beauty and love.  

Moody Blues, poetry

Moody Blues

I discovered a new style of poetry from Vashi’s blog called a Sidlak. It’s a structured poem consisting of 5 lines with 3–5–7–9 syllables for the first four lines and a color for the last line. The color describes the whole poem or feelings of the writer. Here is Vashit’s Sidlak called craving. Moody Blues ~ sliding down…

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Awesome Stories 271

This week Awesome Stories brings you whale wonder, altruism, skating grace, more play and The Spark. Whale Wonder I love how excited this group becomes when watching and touching the whales in this video. The mother whale clearly trusts this group and decides to share her baby with them. Watch and share the joy. The…

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A Romp Through My Garden Jungle

Every day my garden looks more like a jungle. As you can see from the pictures, my garden is not super neat with vegetables in neat rows and spaces. I’ve been adding beds and plants piecemeal ever since I moved in 3 years ago. Believe it or not, when I bought it, there were only…