Flowing Waters

Flowing Waterswater, flow, poetry


flowing waters sing

beauty, power,Β and motion

celebrate the flow


We recently had a week of rain, and now our rivers are flowing with joy and power. We really needed the water to refill our dry land, lakes, and rivers. There was so much rain, we even had some flash flooding. I’m grateful for the rain and reminders to flow with life. Blessings, Brad


34 thoughts on “Flowing Waters

  1. Wonderful reminders of the flow of life Brad and the blessings of water.. I am only pleased the flash flooding did not affect you or yours.. While water is the essence of life, it can also be destructive as we here in the UK have had plenty of floods in the past, thankfully we escape living on a hill. Our rain is now falling as snow this week Brad.. As our country goes sub-zero πŸ˜€

    Wishing you a perfect week. sending Hugs xx ❀

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  2. When you live in a country where it is nearly always raining, it’s hard to understand that people cherish rain so much. But for growing everything the earth needs water. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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