Sweet Waters

Sweet Waterswater, flow, rain


rain pours from the sky

sweet waters flood the land

rivers sing with joy


After a long hot and dry spell, clouds swelled, the skies opened and rain poured over our area yesterday. Thankfully, the rivers are flowing, the flowers are perky and the grass is green again. It’s amazing how a little water brings so much life. Yay!

May sweet waters dance on your land and rivers!



33 thoughts on “Sweet Waters

  1. We had a couple of beautiful rains here in northern NM this week. So glad! Happy you got some too! Where do you live?
    May more rain come your way.
    Peace and rain

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  2. You’ve captured the feeling I have whenever a rainstorm comes my way ~ it really is sweet water from the sky, making everything possible. Living in Eastern Oregon as a young kid, high desert, it perhaps made me appreciate the rain that much more – so yes, a little water can bring so much life (and happiness). Cheers to a great rest of the summer for you Brad, it seems you are enjoying the time that has already passed.

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  3. I just watered the plants in my garden, so your wish that “May sweet waters dance on your land” just came true 😉 Lovely post & photo, Brad. I love watching, listening to and smelling water as it flows through nature. Blessings, Sam 🙂

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