A Splash of Spring

A Splash of Spring

Splish Splash, poetry


colors dance and flow

imagination sails away

emotions flowing


swirling and twirling

blissful waves of ecstasy

tune my heart to love


Wowza! I love this photo art by M & M Bülow. Let your emotions soar with this explosion of color and movement! I would like to extend my gratitude to Mike and Madeleine for this lovely art that makes my heart sing and their kind permission to use it here on my blog. 🙂


35 thoughts on “A Splash of Spring

  1. Thanks Dave. I’m having fun crafting words to compliment these great artworks. And very grateful for the group of artists who have given me permission to use and share their work. In many ways, I feel the art/ photos/ pictures have more power than words, so I appreciate your perspective of the words adding.
    I appreciate you and your words too.


    • You are most welcome Sue. And thanks for really diving into my site today. Agreed on their lovely art. You might be able to see their work live. I seem to recollect them having shows around Europe! 🙂


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