Splish Splash Wrath

Splish Splash Wrath

painting, poetry

© Vera Komnig, Painting #364


splish splash wrath

I was taking a bath

the bubbles were glowing

my excitement overflowing


words splishing and splashing

with phrases so smashing

a playful stew of co-creation

filled the plot with ideation


my muse was perplexing

with thoughts too vexing

so we must say goodnight

ending this woeful plight


Vera Komnig’s wonderful painting inspired me to create another playful poem. For some reason, I had the Bobby Darin song in my mind, so I had fun splashing around with words. May you allow our creativity to shine. blessings, Brad


34 thoughts on “Splish Splash Wrath

  1. Fabulous co-creation Brad.. That was a wonderful poem and fitted so well with the painting..
    Loved the Song too.. Its been a while since I heard that wonderful Song.. Great to combine them all.. 🙂 Hope you had fun doing it.. Enjoy your weekend my friend.. 🙂 Hugs Sue xx

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