Awesome Stories 215

This week Awesome Stories brings you portals in space, living in a van, radical utility reform, natural pesticides and beautiful buildings.

Sci-Fi Meets Science

Scientists have discovered hidden portals in the earth’s magnetic fields. NASA calls them X-points or electron diffusion regions. Working almost like the wormholes of science fiction, these portals are places where the magnetic field of the earth connects to the field of the sun! Scientists believe these portals transfer tons of magnetically charged particles from the Sun, causing the aurora lights and geomagnetic storms on earth.

Bold New Plans for NY

New York has bold new plans for energy production and reducing emissions. Their goal is to cut emissions 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. To do this, they will have to produce much more solar and clean energy. As part of the plan, NY has dramatically revised their utility guidelines to restrict them from owning local power. Instead, will be paid on how efficiently they distribute energy. This allows them to work in symphony with renewable and small distributed energy producers. The utilities become more energy managers than producers.

The Simple Life in a VWsimple living, Awesome Stories

I’m impressed that this young man has chosen to live a simpler life. Ever since Daniel Norris won a $2M contract with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2011, he’s been living out of a 1978 VW camper. During the off-season, he travels around the country, exploring, keeping active and enjoying a simpler life. Apparently, some of his teammates have enjoyed camping with him. Norris believes living in his van keeps him grounded, insisting that normalizing luxury is dangerous. Kudos Daniel. I miss my VW, which was my home for several summers, but never full time. Too bad I sold it to be more practical!  😦

Natural Pesticide Patent

Paul Stamets has an idea so disruptive that nobody has heard of it. Unfortunately, this seems to be another case of big companies blocking technology that would hurt their business. Paul received his patent in 2006 for a natural biopesticide based on fungi that attracts insects and kills them naturally and safely. I’ve written about Paul before, but didn’t know he had this patent and idea for a game changing pesticide. You can learn all about his work with mushrooms and fungi.

Beautiful Buildings

beautiful architecture, Awesome Stories

Ark Nova in Matsushima, Japan

The trend in architecture is to design for more than function like shelter. Architects are creating beautiful designs that delight the senses, integrate with the environment and offer leading-edge features. Here are some beautiful and futuristic buildings from around the world.

No Regrets Project

When Patti Pansa found out she was dying from breast cancer, she was motivated to learn how to live as fully as possible with her time left. Thus was born the No Regrets Project. She found the courage to dig deep, finding self-love, dreams, fears, inspired action and releasing regrets. The project has become Patti’s legacy to the world, leaving behind a road map for those seeking to live fully with awareness, perception and authenticity. Her five guideposts are find and share love, be grateful, be yourself, choose joy and take the risk. Patti’s story is a great reminder for me to live fully now.

Will you join me in living fully with no regrets?


17 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 215

  1. Thanks for the links, Brad! I enjoyed the different architectural offerings. My favorites were the painted housing in Rio and the welcome center in South Africa. They seemed real and down to earth. Places simple people could spend time with families. Washing dishes. Stacking blocks. Kicking soccer balls. And skinning knees… 🙂

    And I’m always intrigued by the bounty of the natural world, such as what Stamets has shown us…


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  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for exploring and sharing. I’m with you on appreciating the beauty of simple, functional design. I most enjoy practical art like a salad bowl rather than art that is simply to view and admire.
    To beauty, in nature and good, simple design!


  3. I am a huge baseball fan, so anytime a story arises about the game or someone involved with it, I tend to pay attention a little more closely 😉 My wife reminded me of Daniel’s story last week. It is really inspiring to see someone who is able to live in the lap of luxury remain so humble and grounded. It would seem to be a very difficult decision to make initially, requiring a tremendous amount of willpower, but the dividends of making that decision are reflected in so many different areas of your life. Wonderful – and awesome – story Brad! Thanks, as always, for sharing 😉

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  4. I love Patti’s inspired No Regrets Project and can’t wait to explore the site more. Thank you for unearthing such wonderful things I would never find on my own…Wishing you a fulfilling, regret-free week!! 😘

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  5. I have always loved the idea of living out of a camper Van Brad.. A friend some years ago was a Car Mechanic and he converted a horse Van a large one into a home on wheels.. He would go down to all the Folk Festivals and he gave wonderful Gong Baths of sound healing..

    Lovely Awesome stories Brad .. Thank you

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  6. Wonderful. I spent two summers traveling around the US and Canada in my VW van! Definitely one of the great joys in my life. That is when I developed my passion and connection with nature. blessings Sue.


  7. Loved the video on the hidden portals in the earth’s magnetic fields. How cool it would be if NASA was able to find them and learn more about these electron diffusion regions. Love this stuff, and thank you for the post!

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