Pain Body

Pain Body

Pain has grabbed hold my lifepain body, poetry, NaPoWriMo

burying my essence in strife

sad cranky and mad

why is this so bad

hopeless cad

pain is rife


Eckhart Tolle talks about our pain body, built on fearful habits. Some days it overwhelms me and I get lost in the pain. Other times I remember to breath, making room for acceptance, presence and flow. Thankfully, I know this too shall pass and choice is our power.


2 thoughts on “Pain Body

  1. I can really relate to the quote. I lived with physical pain for nearly 7 years. It was horrendous at first but it changed my entire life and led me down my spiritual path and places deep inside of myself I’ve never been before. Thanks for sharing, Lisa


  2. I can only guess how hard that must have been. For me, it’s been emotional pain & depression of my own creation! Self compassion & kindness have been very helpful for me recently. Thanks for your open hearted sharing. Brad


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