Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I don’t often play along with writing prompts and challenges, but this one caught my attention. Brooke from A Gypsy’s Tale wrote her poem based on the poem of George Ella Lyon. Their poems are in the style of Dr. Seuss, but with a twist. They’re meant to be a creative life story using the…

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Awesome Stories 268

This week Awesome Stories brings you aquaponics, solar energy, restorative justice, self-love and conversations with pain. Aquaponics I love this idea for synergistic growing of fish and plants. Aquaponics is emerging as a great way to grow crops more efficiently. The fish poop provides nutrients for the plants which are grown in the water. The…

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Embracing the Pain

Pain seems to be a recurring theme for me in the last few years. I’ve written before about Matt Kahn, whose teachings resonate strongly for me. He just released a video about pain that is both timely and hard for me to accept. He encourages us to consider pain as a spiritual call to awaken. Pain is…

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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom   mine the depth of your soul harvesting pearls of wisdom polished in the trials of your life ~   For those of us struggling with challenges, remember there are hidden gifts within our challenges. – muse brad image from http://all-free-download.com/

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Healing Our Messy Lives

Glennon’s recent post knocked me down and lifted me back up. Her post on meltdowns sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Reading her post, I was sad, angry, awed, inspired and a bundle of raw emotions. I totally relate to her experience of college, and feeling lost and out of place. Somehow I managed…

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Healing the Pain

Healing the Pain Pain invades my mind and heart locked inside with patterns of thinking and doing no room to grow, no room to heal it must be time to let go this death grip around my heart welcome the pain make friends with the losses be willing to open and grow ~ finding new…

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Bitter Medicine

Today I’m going to share some bitter medicine.  Yesterday was a hard day financially and emotionally. I lost in one day, three weeks worth of investment gains, leaving me financially and emotionally wiped out. I can’t seem to get ahead financially or emotionally. Then I realized part of the reason is that I keep standing…

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Awesome Stories 1.68

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, dancing, pain, water and love. Growing Kindness This week, I’d like to share an inspiring story about a teacher and her kindness project. Camelia was inspired to start a project with her ESL students to see if kindness might be grown and cultivated in her school. Starting with…

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Pain Body

Pain Body Pain has grabbed hold my life burying my essence in strife sad cranky and mad why is this so bad hopeless cad pain is rife ~ Eckhart Tolle talks about our pain body, built on fearful habits. Some days it overwhelms me and I get lost in the pain. Other times I remember…

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Love Stories

This is an awesome story about Love. Meet Hanna, a woman who helped change the world through the simple act of writing love letters. To read her inspiring story, click here. Her story inspired me to write a love poem for my readers. Thank you for reading my blog. May we all remember to reach out…