Healing the Pain

Healing the Painpoetry, healing, letting go

Pain invades my mind and heart

locked inside with patterns of thinking and doing

no room to grow, no room to heal

it must be time to let go

this death grip around my heart

welcome the pain

make friends with the losses

be willing to open and grow


finding new insights and gifts

it is time to move on

letting go of these old ways

no more grasping, fighting and resisting life

time for peace and love to rule the night

thank you pain, I lovingly release you into the light


I’m still working on this as I continue job hunting, soul searching and keeping my spirits up. Thankfully, I have the peace and beauty of nature to soothe my soul. The photo above was taken last year at Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas. Blessings, Brad


34 thoughts on “Healing the Pain

  1. What a lovely photo, and words expressed so beautifully. Nature indeed soothes the soul. Sending best wishes your way as you continue to work through the job hunting and soul searching. ❤

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  2. I feel for you Brad; truly I do. At some stage though, we have to relinquish our dependence upon words and ideals; we have to stop; we have to drop them. Whilst ideals are useful up to a point; beyond this they hold us in a stasis, draining further our reserves of energy as we fail to live up to them. I don’t know if this will make sense, but it is only in the stopping – the ceasing of transference/avoidance between potential action and incessant idealising – that pure action can take place. Am I being too obscure here?

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    • Thanks for being both honest and gentle. I believe you are telling me that I need to stop talking or writing about my challenges and goals (which reinforces them) to release the energy and focus that allows for inspired or clear action? Is that about what you mean?

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      • I can only read between the lines of course Brad, and that is what I am doing here. One at times can get a feel for people’s thought processes through repeated readings of their blogs and comments thereon. Sometimes the feel is spot on, sometimes not; in your case, I wouldn’t know, and only you can answer as to whether something I’ve said chimes deeply within you. What I sense though, if I may say so, is perhaps a bit of an imbalance between your undoubtedly beautiful ideals, and what’s actually happening directly in your life experience, and which comes about as a result of your own deeply conditioned tendencies.

        You put the remedy, if indeed one is called for, in rather stark terms Brad. What I mean is more of a gentle realignment in which we see that there is what I called a ‘transference’ going on; it’s a kind of wishful thinking that hopes to avoid what is necessary simply by virtue of a quasi-magical wish fulfilment. One’s obligations are transferred into unattainable ideals. In the seeing of a trait such as this, the remedy applies itself as it were, because we’re no longer deceived by its hollow promise. Our actions then become purer, meaning they are unobstructed and hence more effective, being unsullied by the stasis of an idealising that serves otherwise only to corrupt our best endeavours despite their beautiful conception.

        I am quite happy to stand corrected if this is all hopelessly off the mark Brad.


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  3. Hi Brad,

    Many years ago when I was a boy we had a family reunion at Devil’s Den park, and I will never forget the fun I had with my cousins scrambling through the trails and the swiss cheese caverns there. I remember one day we were climbing once up a stepped bluff sort of structure, and I put my hand up over the top just inches from a coiled snake. It was a time best described as an adventure, a spirit I hope might infuse your movement towards that which you seek.

    Hariod’s words touched me as well, I must confess. And that is because of their applicability to my own stumbling maneuvers through this realm. My experience has been that sometimes ideals can be dastardly things to live up to. Not that they are folly, but I have found they can divide me from the simplicity that abounds around me if they are allowed to become an image I have convinced myself would be attained if only I were a certain, better, more whateverer type of being. It sets up a trap internally for me, an artificial measuring stick that too often measures against what is. 🙂


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  4. I’m glad you were able to experience the joys of Devil’s Den without any snake mishaps. XD It’s a wonderful park that is only 30″ from where I live. I too have found that ideals and perfectionism can be a divider and trap for me. It’s good to share what we find that works and doesn’t. Thanks Michael and Hariod.

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  5. Dear Brad, I send you light and love. Some days it feels like all I can do is put one foot in front of the other, but that is what has to be done to keep life moving along. There is a time when action takes precedence over planning. Best wishes sweet soul.

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    • Thanks Lisa. Thankfully, I am moving ahead as best I can, and grateful for friends, family, home and health. So in reality, I am blessed already and practicing “unthethering” from the daily trials. I appreciate your love and support. 🙂

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  6. Whoever has suffered (and who hasn’t?) can relate to the sentiments in your poem. I love the last line – “thank you pain, I lovingly release you into the light” –
    Wishing you all the best.

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    • Exactly Irina. We all have suffered. Hopefully, we find the courage, love and support within ourselves or from friends and family to keep moving, get back up and do the best we can. And maybe remember the pain next time we encounter someone else being challenged so that we speak and act from compassion.

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  7. Brad, the road we travel is often strewn with obstacles which come to trip us up, and if we are not careful in finding that inner balance, we can fall heavily and be consumed with pain..
    I have fallen many times, and once or twice fell pray to the pain and rolled over and wanted life to pass me by as I wallowed within it…
    Each time now I allow that stab of pain to enter my heart, I ask it what has it come to teach me.. Often the answer is straight there.. LET ME GO… and once I understand, it is only I that hurts me.. I understand that letting go has really been one of my own life’s lessons..

    I know you are pulling yourself up and your outlook on life is positive, full of gratitude… You will look back I know you will upon this time of uncertainties and insecurities as the time which enriched you the most.. For it is showing you how to dig ever deeper within as you rely upon your inner strength to see you through..

    I know you are healing the pain.. And you are reaching ever higher in your understanding of Self..

    Blessings and this was a deep and heartfelt poem.. Thank you for sharing with us..
    Sue xx

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  8. Thanks for your profoundly touching and wise words Sue. I can tell that you have been there and learned to let go and get back up. Congrats! I am realizing how much of my pain is self induced because of the mental tapes, judgements and focus on “self”. Letting go of self, and identification as my circumstances, helps me heal or let go of the pain to return to the peace in my heart and soul.

    Thankfully I have caring friends who listen, understand, support and encourage me to action! 🙂

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  9. Beautiful image and powerful words! If we all had the courage to seek the truth as you are doing, the world would be a much more peaceful and enlightened place. Thank you, Brad, for sharing and taking us along on your journey.

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  10. Dearest Brad, it sounds like you’re getting this all figured out… I send you love, friendship, and a spring in your step as you move forward. So many of us are rooting for you as we make friends with our own losses — thanks to the gift of your honest words! 💝

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  11. Thanks for the blessing Shauna. It sounds Irish and fun with a spring in my step. Things are looking up, and the support I’ve received on my blog is wonderful. I wish I had this kind of support in my personal life, but that’s another story and lesson. 🙂


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