Jingle Bell Rock

Santa and I are ready to rock.


ding dong the grinch is calling

my investments are falling

the losses cut like a knife

tainting my emotional life

triggering old stories

full of pain, not glories

will I ever learn to thrive

or shall I quit this jive

sleigh bells are ringing

children keep singing

Christmas spirit is here

if only I release my fear


Stewart Family Christmas lights.

Unlike me, I hope you listen and follow your inner guidance. I’m gentler and more compassionate than before, but I still often fail to hear, understand, and follow my soul’s guidance. When on track, I feel open, alive, connected, and flowing, But how to get there when I’m facing tough decisions is still elusive.

This round of pain relates to my investments in which I lost 1/3 of my money in the last two weeks. In retrospect, I heard the question and urge to sell, but didn’t follow the call. this causes emotional pain and distraction as I watch my savings slip away. It triggers past pain from losing the majority of my life’s savings twice in risky stock choices. Luckily the fresh air, physical exertion, and pace keep me from being too distracted during the day.

I’m not looking for sympathy or answers. This is my way of acknowledging and processing the experience.

Remembering to be grateful for what I do have like my health, job, and savings.


There’s been some relief, both because the markets rebounded a little and I shifted my attitude, realizing even if I lose my whole investment, I will be okay. Unlike the previous times, I invested only a small percentage of my savings in stocks. I want to keep investing, transform this pattern, and boost my income and savings for retirement.

I’m releasing this sad story to enjoy some holiday cheer. Ho, Ho, Ho.


61 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Rock

  1. Ho Ho Ho Lots of Holiday Cheer and a wave of fresh air towards you! Wishing you the most powerful perspectives to assist you to bring back all the abundance that seems to have gone out for a walk for a bit, and bring back a lot more with it πŸ™‚

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  2. As long as you have your humor, you have all you need. Mostly! πŸ˜† Your share of financial loss took me back to 2008. 😞 I am glad to read the markets are moving in your favor. Either way, you will be OK, but… here’s to a full rebound and a solid retirement account. Cheers! πŸ₯‚

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  3. such a clever heartfelt and honest poem Brad.
    Ouch, we’ve been there.. lost everything and it’s in the rebuilding that makes you stronger but tough to go through. Hang in there. Love that quote too at the end!πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ™

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  4. HI Brad,
    I am sorry about your investments, I am in the same boat. If we only had a crystal ball 😦
    I should have sold, but I am a gambler, so now I suffer πŸ™‚
    But what goes down must come up again, or so I hope.
    I am glad that you didn’t have a larger part of your investments in anything risky.
    Blessings to you, and hang in there! β™₯β™₯

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  5. Sorry to hear about your investments, Brad, and I hope they rebound. I’m a complete coward when it comes to investing for retirement, so my capital hasn’t grown an inch in 20 years. A huge mistake according the those in the know… but I can’t turn back time. And I’m still a coward! From one grinch to another, a little rum in the eggnog helps. So do hugs. ❀

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  6. Brad, I hope you and your loved ones are okay today. What a devastating night it was! My heart is with everyone affected.

    Maybe this will help you feel better. I, too, my stocks are down $5000 over the last 2 months. I’m heavily invested in the OTC where volatIlity has a whole other meaning! Yikes! BUT, I am holding and still believe in my investments. Patience will pay off for both of us, we just have to be strong and keep believing! Sending lots of HNS πŸ’•πŸŽ„

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  7. I have often second guessed or debated my inner guidance. Sometimes it’s hard to know. I love your attitude though. “Christmas spirit is here / if only I release my fear.” You will be okay, because you know what’s most important.

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  8. I really loved this and glad that you opened up and shared. My heart goes out to you and think you’re doing the right thing by feeling vs burying your emotions. It’s the quickest way to heal. The holidays can be tough for everyone and for many different reasons. I’m glad that you’ve managed to see the silver lining in your situation. ❀

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  9. Brad, I love your honesty and your attitude. Investing is stressful. I just keep reminding myself it’s a long-term prospect, and try not to worry too much over the short-term dips, which typically rebound. Best wishes to you Brad! ❀

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  10. I’ve always been wary of investing. I guess I don’t have much faith in my financial decisions. I always wonder how some seem to have that magic touch. I wish you so much abundance for the coming year, Brad.

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  11. I love the quote and I appreciate your commitment to speak honestly about where you are in this moment of time. I always find it empowering to acknowledge where I am. Wishing peace regardless of circumstances.

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  12. Hi Brad…I’m a little late to the conversation so I hope things have righted themselves and that you are in a much better place!! I get what you are feeling…I decided to “invest” not only my $ but my mother’s as well…back before the crash in 2008! I couldn’t believe that when I finally got the nerve to do it…it all fell apart! But time rolls on and we learn. The one thing I read in your post that touched me even more is that you “heard” that little voice…that persistent little voice that tried to direct you…and you didn’t listen. If I had a penny for every time I’ve done that…let’s just say that crash would not have hurt so much!! I have been working so hard and trying to listen…to be aware and connected with that “voice,” because that voice is so rarely wrong!!
    Here’s to a new year, Brad. A time we get to reset and look back on the things that may not have worked so well…and to make the changes now that we want to see in our lives!! I send all good thoughts and Sweet Blessings to you, friend! ❀

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