Truth Time

Truth Timetruth, poetry, NaPoWriMo

Face the fear

bless the pain

hug the anger

kiss the sadness

journey to the light


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Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. – Mother Theresa

I’ve been feeling blocked by continually expressing only the love and light aspects of myself. I’ve come to a place in my journey where the most authentic and compassionate expression seems to be honoring my human pain and feelings that I too often try to ignore. Some of my posts and poems may get rather dark. Please bear with me as I honor the pain in my journey to wholeness and more loving kindness toward self and others. Blessings, Brad


29 thoughts on “Truth Time

  1. Brad…I, too, have had misgivings of allowing the darkness to appear on the page. At times it has been scary to me when I read what I write. But I believe that you have to honor the truth…and if you come from truth it will be authentic and it will be good. Good luck…I look forward to reading your truth 🙂 Blessitude


  2. Good for you Brad. It is only our interpretation that makes it dark. All emotions are part of life and living fully. Good luck in this part of the journey. I’m with you. Val x


  3. Thanks Val, I agree and yet I’ve been hesitant to express the “dark” on my blog since it’s stated intention is to help inspire, connect and thrive. I’m glad that you and others seems to be open to my allowing the other energies to have some expression here too. XD


  4. Brad, I believe that facing, honoring and integrating our shadows – those parts of ourselves that we denied and repressed – is enlightening work. It is by truly embracing our dark places with compassion that we reveal the deeper Light and Love hidden in them. It takes courage to do so, even more publicly, so I honor your authenticity here and I will be there, reading your posts along your way, even if they get darker, as long as you consider it necessary to explore your new depths. There is probably so much of your beauty waiting to be discovered in the mud. Been there, done that, and I recommend it! 🙂 Courage! Blessings, Iana


    • Thanks for the support and encouragement Iana. I appreciate you and agree that this is important for my integration and growth. Yes, the doing it publicly was the stretch, especially since it doesn’t really fit with the tag line/ theme of my blog. I’m glad to see all the support from you and others. Time to play in the mud! O_o


      • I honor how you feel Brad about being unsure to share some stuff publicly. At the same time, this process sounds really inspiring, which is one of the things your readers might be interested in by coming to your site! Take care 🙂


  5. Continue to honor your darkness and keep moving toward the light.

    P.S. I limit my social networking to a single site and choose to use only Twitter so how about providing me with a share link? 🙂


  6. Poetry has always been the place where I can be honest with my feelings. It is very cathartic for me. I hope that writing poetry will help you move past your pain and into a future that is filled with light.


  7. Thanks Kirsten, I know it will be helpful for me too. In fact, I’m not really in a painful place today, but I was yesterday & decided to launch into this as an experiment. It’s already been freeing. 🙂


  8. i recently had a commenter on my blog tell me that I basically shouldn’t express anger because it didn’t accomplish any good. If I work through the anger though and arrive at forgiveness is not anger the start of something beautiful and good? If I choose to dismiss the anger and put on a front I am being a phony and that is NOT what blogging is all about.


  9. Perfect timing for me. I was just reading about welcoming prayer which essentially says what you just communicated. So true and a part of me that I too am just starting to allow myself to explore. Thanks.


  10. Sadness, tears and pain are all a part of life. We are human after all, not yet fully developed spirit beings! I think we can learn a lot from these “negative” emotions. I think it is brave of you to open up and share not only your happiness, but also your sadness. My sadness is mostly for the world, and for what we have created it into. I feel it was not meant to be like this, with borders, starvation, selfishness, greed, violence, injustice, cruelty etc. That is what makes me cry. Thank God I have my little Angel world within that I can escape into 🙂


  11. Hi Line, Thank you for sharing your heart with me. My sadness is for both personal and global losses. The pain is from not really knowing my heart’s desires and what path to take. Nature and meditation soothe me, trusting and allowing space for more love to flow. Your angel world sounds nice! 🙂


    • It is wonderfully beautiful! Sometimes I feel it is made up of memories of where I have come from 🙂 Maybe your path will just unfold on its own, or maybe you actually are on the right path without even knowing it 🙂 But I don’t know much about your life, so who am I to say, I am sure though, that everything will work itself out, you have such closeness to your soul, so your life will always been bathed in that magnificent soul-light, I think. 🙂


      • Wow, thanks Line. I feel joy and uplifted from your words. I wish more of us used words to uplift and empower. I will hold your words in my heart and treasure them. Blessings and cyber hugs! ❤


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