Dancing in the Light

Dancing in the LightDancing in the Light, NaPoWriMo

When I see your face

my heart begins to race

remembering dreams of light

filled with magic flight

dancing on the silvery moon

while growing in the human cocoon

the twinkle in your eyes

is liquid love in bright skies

Shall we dance?


This poem is dedicated to Line and her poem A Little Light. May we forever nurture our light.

This soundtrack soothes my very soul. Rest in the light with Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi.



10 thoughts on “Dancing in the Light

  1. Hi Brad,

    This is a beautiful thought, the choice of words arouse images and I could follow that light you have ignited! I only wish you could let these thoughts flow further…there is a lot of potential in them.


  2. Oh Brad, you are just the sweetest!! 🙂 I love you poem! It is so full of light and love (just like you), and that makes me so incredibly happy!! I hope all the souls who read this will feel like dancing freely in the light you create with your poem. And Brad, the prayer is so amazing!! It is exactly the kind of music I just adore!! And I had never heard of these two artists before, so today you have given me two beautiful beautiful gifts!!! The poem and the music! I am so touched and happy and filled with joy! I am going to listen to this beautiful prayer every day from now on! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a lovely soul you are! 🙂


    • Thank you Line. I feel the same about you. 🙂 My poem was inspired by your lovely poem and then our fun banter in the comments with the phrase “Shall we dance?” I am deeply touched and appreciate your continually kind and supportive comments, posts and replies. And I’m glad you so enjoyed the video. I just found it today on Facebook and it seemed to fit. I’m delighted to be sharing with you. I would love a local friend as kind & supportive as you are. Blessings, ❤


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