Living Poetry

life as poetry, NaPoWriMo

Living Poetry

my first dance

awkward glance

fumbling, stepping on toes

blushing, my face glows

hesitantly learning to trust

relax, spin and thrust

flowing with the music of life

letting go of struggle, pain and strife

is god moving me

or am I moving thee

who cares, I dance with glee


12 thoughts on “Living Poetry

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  2. literature is LIFE, in general and poetry in particular… 🙂 continue to write, young man because:
    ”We don’t find loneliness, we simply create it. Imagine being at the bottom of a hole, in almost total isolation and discovering that only writing will save you… Writing also means to shut up. To be quiet, to scream silently. Writing has never abandoned me… Don’t do anything else but just write!”(Marguerite Duras – Writing)


  3. Nice quote and thanks for the encouragement Melanie. Writing has been one of my pleasures the last few years, but I don’t feel a burning passion for it, merely a joy of sharing my poems and inspiring stories. In fact, It’s been a way of connecting with folks on the web while I do my introvert phase. I rarely connect in person anymore and I’m far from being a young man, but appreciate tapping into those early memories of dance, dating and discovering life. O_o


  4. Your poem about dancing reveals the desire for freedom which is great. If I could give you an advice, I would recommend you to focus on rhythm. Both dancing and poetry need it.


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