Awesome Stories 384

This week Awesome Stories brings you reflections on awakening. Awakening has been a very elusive idea and experience for me. This is a big part of why I declined to participate in Barbara’s collection of awakening experiences from bloggers on WordPress. If I’m being honest, I don’t feel worthy of being a model of awakening.…

The Taste of Love

The Taste of Love ~ gazing at the twilight sky immersed in a sea of beauty every pore is filled with the taste of love vibrating in harmony at one with life free at last ~

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Awesome Stories 356

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Awesome Stories focuses on love this week. 21 Life Lessons Reading the intro to this article, I thought the advice might be irrelevant, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lessons invite us to look at life and relationship in new ways based on love, trust, patience, connection, and cooperation. These 21…

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Savoring our Lives

Are you savoring life? There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. ~ Rumi Savoring our lives is a great way to build our sense of happiness and well-being. Both brain scientists and spiritual teachers talk about the need to anchor our positive states. Savoring life enriches our feeling of well-being, bringing us…

Love in Ten Lines

Love in Ten Lines

Love in Ten Lines sublime is my love love colors the sunset caressing skin with love hands that whisper love soul to soul love sacred love as light reflections of pure love love as blessed union an ocean of love pointers, yet not love ~ Close you eyes. Fall in love. Stay there. ~ Rumi…

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Playing with Passion

Playing with Passion  passion… whispering in my heart awakens lost memories senses spring to life vibrating with love ~ dancing in my being opens mystical worlds filled with timeless dreams playing upon my soul ~ Consider listening to this video by Estas Tonne while you read the poem. His passionate guitar playing stirs my soul. Close…

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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love  your kiss the caress of honey melting my hard edges your gaze the touch of angels soothing my soul ~ your presence lingers shining in my heart radiant as a full moon circling and entwined ~ in a sacred dance bodies as holy temple we worship the divine burning the dross…

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Floating Away

Floating Away sunset awakens fanciful dreams as ethereal as clouds floating away to kiss the night with whispers of beauty and flight ~ while mind wanders the heart remembers kisses from Hafiz and Rumi dancing upon my soul intoxicated with light ~ P.S. This poem was inspired by Trini of The Inscrutable Paths of Spirit and…

Painting by Vera Komnig

Free Your Soul

Free Your Soul body and mind despair numb from routine affairs break those shackles slough off your hackles ~ come dance with me with hearts set free we’ll soar on dreams divine where your soul meets mine This week’s poem had two inspirations: the poem ‘Open My Soul’ by Poet deVine and the lovely painting © by…

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Living Poetry

Living Poetry my first dance awkward glance fumbling, stepping on toes blushing, my face glows hesitantly learning to trust relax, spin and thrust flowing with the music of life letting go of struggle, pain and strife is god moving me or am I moving thee who cares, I dance with glee