Timeless Dance of Love

Timeless Dance of Love ~ wings embrace the sky instinct moving wings through air the heron takes flight in a timeless dance of love life’s majesty on display ~ Advertisements

Lua, ceramics, poetry

Dancing with Lua

Dancing with Lua ~ I met a girl named Lua she filled me with Kahlúa then began to dance I fell into a trance this girl had super fine moves with some serious grooves she was the life of the party a girl so gay and arty Lua is the girl for me I’m happy to…

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Awesome Stories 330

This week Awesome Stories brings you dancing to freedom, tree communication, remarkable kids, and a legacy of reform. Dancing to Freedom This is a remarkable story of perseverance. Refugee Ahmad Joudeh uses dance to create messages of peace. He has persevered beyond what most of us can imagine. Dancing is taboo in his native country…

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Moon Dance

Moon Dance ~ moonbeams shimmering soft clouds glimmering a cosmic two-step game piercing hearts with true aim ~This week we had a “supermoon” with the moon coming the closest to the earth since 1948, not to return so near until 2034. Walking around a local park the soft puffy clouds seemed to be dancing with the…

sideways shuffle

Sideways Shuffle

Sideways Shuffle I’ve been doing the sideways shuffle for a long time. In case you’re not familiar with this silly dance, grab a partner and prepare to boogie! Here’s my version of the sideways shuffle. ~ Shuffle to the right. Shuffle to the left. Slide step right. Slide step left. Hop, spin around and repeat…

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Awesome Stories 230

This week Awesome Stories brings you sexy dancing, love and forgiveness, a sea symphony, greedy goats, empowering children and net-zero homes. Sexy SLIP I have a passion for dance and wish that I had pursued it when I was younger. I dance around my living room, but now it is more of a centering and…

Hummingbird Shuffle, poetry

Hummingbird Shuffle

Hummingbird Shuffle   sipping sweet nectar dancing blossom to blossom sooth my hungry soul ~ buzz, hover, shuffle shimmering body of light dance into my heart     Photo: Dave Mosher/Wired.com I just found this fun video that presents a more whimsical view on the hummingbird shuffle. 🙂

CNN Hero of the Year, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 1.70

This week Awesome Stories brings you heroes, empathy, dancing, hybrid solar and more forgiveness. The Forgiveness Challenge Forgiveness seems to be in the air. Last week, many of you were touched by the Forgiveness Project in Rwanda. Desmond Tutu and the HumanJourney.com want to use forgiveness and the African concept of ubuntu to help more people…

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Living Poetry

Living Poetry my first dance awkward glance fumbling, stepping on toes blushing, my face glows hesitantly learning to trust relax, spin and thrust flowing with the music of life letting go of struggle, pain and strife is god moving me or am I moving thee who cares, I dance with glee

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

My Funny Valentine’s Day Tribute When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.~ Rumi Enjoy this rousing rendition of “My Funny Valentine” by Alice Fredenham. Shall We Dance? he thought he was done with romance stale from a life too cautious to dance neither bitter nor playful…