Spring Renewal

~ Like John Muir, I go to the woods to be restored and renewed. Especially in spring, I go to see the cycles of life at play, appreciate earth’s beauty, and marvel at the wonders and miracles of life. ~ wandering and wondering I marvel at the beauty of nature each new discovery is a…


romance, poetry

Under a Blushing Moon

Under a Blushing Moon ~ spring’s arrival boldly on display a carnival of color and procreation nubile shoots glowing with vitality naked petals quivering in readiness pollen poised for loving union petals dancing and surging pollinators feasting hungrily nature’s Eros fully exposed under a blushing moon ~ This is my whimsical take on writing a…

field, dreams, poetry

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams ~ laying in golden fields grasses softly swaying  caressing my body and soul I play with possibilities dreams seeded in fertile fields of imagination and spirit I release them to God and emerge renewed ~ In reality, I only hiked by this field, but later had the sense of possibility playing in…

autumn, renewal, poetry

Autumn Renewal

Autumn Renewal ~ creeks flowing leaves falling spirits rising autumn revival ~ Autumn is finally showing her face. We had our first cool day and evening and I recently found these leaves on a hike in the woods. My body and spirit are ready for some renewal that autumn seems to bring me. How about…

poetry, clouds, dreams

Meadow Musings

Meadow Musings summer dreams bake rising and wafting about floating on soft puffy clouds visiting far away lands ~ my spirit floating free untethered to dream and soar sailing on winds of inspiration returning to earth refreshed and renewed ~ May you be refreshed with joyful meadow musings!

Foul Winds, pollution, poetry

Foul Winds

Foul Winds   gray skies from the east rampant pollution to the south arid land begging for water in the west tar sand and pipelines descend from the north ~ despair in too many homes war in too many lands will humans ever grow up or is this the end of man ~ will the…