Field of Dreams

Field of Dreamsfield, dreams, poetry


laying in golden fields

grasses softly swaying 

caressing my body and soul

I play with possibilities

dreams seeded in fertile fields

of imagination and spirit

I release them to God

and emerge renewed


In reality, I only hiked by this field, but later had the sense of possibility playing in my consciousness. I might just return to this field, lay down, and allow myself to dream and play with possibility. Meanwhile, I have been spending more time in meditation, playing with possibilities for how I want my life to grow and change. It’s time for me to dream again, play, act, and open to transformation.

During my hike, I also had a fun idea emerge around the word God. The word God has always carried a lot of baggage for me, related to religion and fundamentalism. While walking I heard a new way to look at the word, using the letters as markers for other words. GOD can be Grand Organizing Design which resonates much more with my feelings and beliefs. And of course, the name is not nearly as important as recognizing and connecting to a bigger life that we are part of. An energy which loves, supports, organizes, and seeds life within and without.

fields, dreams, possibility

May your dreams be planted in fertile fields. 


37 thoughts on “Field of Dreams

  1. What a beautiful post. Field of Dreams – wasn’t that the name of a film?? – one I thoroughly enjoyed about Baseball (not my usual thing) but really all about trusting in the unseen…if I recall. Yes, Brad this is the year of transformation . May your year be filled with beauty and Grand Organising Design – Janet x

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  2. Oh wow Brad what a beautiful way to look at God. I think a lot of people have had problems with that word. I love your photos in this one. Especially the round hay bales. I love them come harvest time! Happy day to you Brad! ❤

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