Spring Renewal

The view from Yellowrock Overlook at Devils Den State Park.


Like John Muir, I go to the woods to be restored and renewed. Especially in spring, I go to see the cycles of life at play, appreciate earth’s beauty, and marvel at the wonders and miracles of life.

The pristine waters of Lee Creek.


wandering and wondering

I marvel at the beauty of nature

each new discovery is a treasure

to hold in my heart

a flower, a spider, a snake

the flowing waters, bird songs, and acres of green

fill my cup to overflowing

One of many seasonal creeks that fill the valley. I love the moss and lichen on the rocks.


each flower, discovery, and photo becomes a treasure

to catalog, share, and hold in my heart

beauty fills my body and being

vibrating with connection

I stand in awe of nature

The bridge across Lee Creek.


once home, I sort, delete, and edit photos

they become my markers of beauty

to both hold and share

joy becomes a flowing gift

shared heart to heart

this is my craft and purpose

the reason I go to the woods

The view of Lee Creek from the overlook.


May your cup fill with spring’s renewal


62 thoughts on “Spring Renewal

  1. Like you and John, I feel the same about the forests and how they ignite a renewing freshness and inspiration. Looks like some beautiful adventures Brad! Love the words they inspired and your eye for beauty. With you my kindred nature spirit! P.S. I sent a message via IG…wasn’t sure how best to reach you. 🙂

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  2. Wow Brad,, Breath-taking views, and like you, the woods bring their own special magical balm that heals and replenishes depleted souls.. And its the place I often wander to to soak up the healing the trees bring..
    Love your edits of your photos and the magical look upon the water…
    And your poem…. Another bountiful gift..
    Thank you Brad…. Loved my walk with you in your magical realm.. 🙂

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  3. Brad, this post is so filled with beauty. Your poem pours like the brooks and show your love of nature which I share.
    Each photo makes me stop in wonder and a wish to be there. Just watch and listen to the song.


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  4. Wow! what a great place to stroll about! So beautiful….It could stand a name change though. Doesn’t feel like the devil there at all…Glad you enjoyed it and got these great pics….Thank for sharing! VK 🙂

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  5. I remember that feeling of nature filling my cup, but it’s been a while since the cup overflowed. There’s something especially exhilarating about creeks in the woods and those overlooks. The ocean doesn’t quite get me there until it’s warm enough to swim and immerse myself. Each ecosystem has its own special gifts. Thank you for sharing your natual high with us. I really like the Lee Creek overlook.

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  6. I love the work and words of John Muir and I have always loved the woods. When growing up in England my house was in the middle of a bluebell wood. Happy memories…and still sustenance all these years later. Wonderful thoughts, images and words Brad. Thank you:)X

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  7. So very beautiful Brad. May your cup and your path always be overflowing with love and the beauty of nature. Sending you lots of love and good wishes 💚❤️

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  8. Once we walk in the forest, we forget our troubles and cares, and we release ourselves to Nature. Thus, when we return home, we are a different, lighter person. You show that through you prose and photos, Brad.

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  9. Hello my friend, how have you been? Hope you are loving life in your new abode! This has been a wonderfully soul nourishing post, I swear to you I could breathe deeper when reading your joyful poem and taking in that wonderful and refreshing nature scenery! Really wonderful. I have missed reading your work my friend! Am back to blogging a bit more again. Big hugs dear, keep up the wonderful vibes!! 🤗🤗🤗

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