Meadow Musings

Meadow Musingspoetry, clouds, dreams

summer dreams bake

rising and wafting about

floating on soft puffy clouds

visiting far away lands


my spirit floating free

untethered to dream and soar

sailing on winds of inspiration

returning to earth refreshed and renewed


May you be refreshed with joyful meadow musings!


16 thoughts on “Meadow Musings

  1. Now this has been my Summer! Brad.. floating Free and soaring with the clouds.. basking in the Sun.. and resting my back lol after weeding the allotments.. πŸ™‚ chilling in the evening with the scents of the scented stock wafting into my nostrils.. πŸ™‚ Arrrgh.. Yes Meadow Musings in my back garden/yard.. Have been just what I have been doing..
    Loved your poem .. Can you tell ?? LOL…
    ❀ Sue πŸ˜‰

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