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Light My Fire

Light My Fire ~ sunset tapestries radiant colors bursting light my inner fire ~ This sunset was an incredible show of colors dancing across the sky, demonstrating the majesty of nature. The colors and tones changed several times in a progression of beautiful light shows moving across the sky. May nature light your fire! Advertisements

Moon on Fire

Moon on Fire ~ full moon magic night puffy clouds on fire with light smoky reflections ~ The full moon Sunday night was beautiful and magical. Sometimes not being able to get a perfect photo with my cellphone is a good thing. My cellphone created this beautiful interpretation of the full moon. To make it more…

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Ripples in Time

Ripples in Time ~ the autumn show has begun eddies of wind playing blankets of leaves falling in bright swirls of color and layers of texture dancing across the water creating layers of love and ripples in time ~ May the beauty of autumn send ripples of love dancing across your heart.     

autumn, renewal, poetry

Autumn Renewal

Autumn Renewal ~ creeks flowing leaves falling spirits rising autumn revival ~ Autumn is finally showing her face. We had our first cool day and evening and I recently found these leaves on a hike in the woods. My body and spirit are ready for some renewal that autumn seems to bring me. How about…

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Sacred Spirals

Sacred Spirals ~ orange petals glow with sacred spirals of love rhythms of the heart ~ This is another tribute to Summer Love that is fading fast. These calla lilies grow in containers in my landlord’s back yard. Their blossoms last only a few days in mid summer. Farewell, my sweet beauty. May you return again.

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Solar Awe

Solar Awe These photos from NASA and local photographer Stephen Ironside inspire more awe than my direct experience of the eclipse last week. So here is my tribute to the beauty, awe, and mystery of life with a trio of poems. Which is your favorite poem and why? ~ coronas shine out Baily’s Beads bending the…