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Flower Power

Flower Power ~ pistils of desire waving petals of passion  beauty lights my fire ~ I’m off to visit my mother and brother in Virginia with limited access to the internet, so I’ll be away from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see family, and then start another new job when…

Iris, beauty, poetry

Eye of The Tiger

Eye of The Tiger ~ beware the tiger the eye of beauty beckons lost in your allure ~ Yes, These beauties are called Eye of The Tiger Dutch Irises which are known for their brilliant colors and markings. No matter what we call them, I love the colors and markings on the inner blossom. Beware…

spring delights, poetry

Urban Delights

Urban Delights ~ Urban scenery springtime in the neighborhood brings hidden allure ~           ~ The truth is that I’d rather be out in a beautiful pristine mountain forest, filled with trees, flowers, and running water. But, I’ve also learned to appreciate the urban scenery, especially the various styles of homes and…

tulips, spring, poetry

A Parade of Colors

A Parade of Colors ~ dancing along the square flowers to delight the senses and mend broken fences spring is such a grand affair love filled with magic and flair we hold the joy in our hearts to brighten those darker parts thankful for a parade of colors ~

wildflowers, poetry, spring

Sweet Surprises

Sweet Surprises ~ nature’s beauty glows delicate purple flowers reaching to my heart ~ I love flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And finding beautiful flowers like these purple ones popping up among the dead leaves during spring’s awakening is a particularly nice surprise. These delicate purple flowers were blooming last week on my hike…

hummingbirds, poetry

Hummingbird Magic

Hummingbird Magic ~ hummingbirds flying joyful dancing in midair magic in motion ~ This beautiful watercolor was created by Janet Weight Reed. She is a masterful painter who loves to share her passion for hummingbirds, creating, and teaching. If you don’t know her, I encourage you to explore her art and life lessons at My Life As…

Great Sand Dunes, poetry

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time ~ layers of beauty sands from ancient seas dancing on grassy green fields watched by ancient mountain sentinels a feast for mind and spirit vistas expanding time and space the dance of eternity harks an ancient song painting the Great Sand Dunes  with layers of love and gratitude for life ~…

Great Sand Dunes, poetry

Lunar Painting

Lunar Painting ~ shades of flowing sand painted by lunar lightwaves the touch of beauty ~ Sadly, I didn’t see the lunar eclipse last week. It was a rare combination of supermoon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse that hasn’ t happened for 152 years! I know some people who were pretty excited by the event. The Great…

beauty, abstract art, poetry

The Face of Beauty

The Face of Beauty ~ knobby curves flowing creating abstract art shows the face of beauty ~ I hope you see the face in this knobby log. I found the shapes, textures, and colors fascinating. May we find beauty where we are. Blessings, Brad

Rocky Mountain High, poetry

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High ~ golden Aspens shine layers of beauty abound Rocky Mountain High ~ I have a special love for Colorado having lived there for 3 years in the early 90s. They were some of the best times in my life, much of that due to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and easy access to outdoor activities.…