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Dogwood Dilemma

Dogwood Dilemma ~ pink, white or cherry beauty in three sweet colors dogwood dilemma ~ I love dogwoods, maybe from growing up back east where they were a common tree in yards and the woods. Plus, I love the look of the blossoms. For many years, this was my lovely view of the neighbor’s property!…

spring, delight, poetry

Downtown Delights

Downtown Delights ~ springtime festivals nature delights our senses bursting with color ~ I took advantage of my day off to wander around downtown enjoying the signs of spring. The art features were a lovely complement to the colorful blossoms like in the photos below. Jason’s mural is full of color and joy with the…

Mike Oblinkski, photography

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain ~ glorious sunsets monsoon storms and desert fires mountain magic thrives ~ This is another gorgeous photo from Mike Oblinski. Mike talks about the stunning beauty of this scene where nature mixed together a magic elixir of sunset colors, storm clouds, desert fires and exquisite timing. “The sky was on fire from a…

Crocus, spring, poetry

Calling the Crocus

Calling the Crocus ~ mysterious guests perennial purple pods blossoming with joy ~ I just learned that crocus is a perennial flower related to the iris family. I’ve always enjoyed these beautiful little flowers that pop up in surprise places. One home I rented had a front yard full of fall crocus, which blanketed the front…

beauty, love, ice, poetry

Ice Dreams

Ice Dreams ~ your beauty sparkles shimmering frozen crystals icicles of love ~ This is another beautiful image from Eva Marschan-Hayes. Thank you for sharing your art and inspiring my dreams.      

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Lichen Yew

Lichen Yew ~ fungus and algae symbiotic relations glowing in the sun ~ I love how this lichen is almost a neon color and glowing in the sunshine. It almost looks painted on the tree. Some people dislike lichen on trees and believe that it is a sign of poor tree health. The science I…

wisdom, owl, Cindy Knoke

Piercing Eyes

Piercing Eyes ~ your piercing eyes filled with wisdom and guise peering into distant space with fearsome grace ~ you freely share your beauty have we the eyes to see our duty to ask the cooperation of nature and find our proper nomenclature ~ Mythology and folklore ascribe both good and bad omens to owls.…

light pillars, poetry, photography

Pillars of Light

Pillars of Light ~ light pillars glowing beams raining from the heavens my heart is shining ~ This awesome photo was taken by Timothy Joseph Elzinga in northern Ontario. His photo captures a phenomenon called light pillars which appear when light bounces off ice crystals floating close to the ground. Maybe it’s a cover story for…

Autumn, colors, poetry

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory ~ walking down the street shimmering colors glowing my soul is replete ~ We had our last hurrah of colors last week. This was taken on a delightful walk in Fayetteville’s downtown. I’m glad to have a few pictures to treasure those glowing colors as we head into winter, cold weather and barren…