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Lily Love

Lily Love ~ lilies glowing bright vibrant colors warm my heart alive with passion ~ My landlord’s garden has been vibrant and lush this month with all the rain we’ve had. I’m especially enjoying the profusion of lilies. I often eat my meals looking at the garden you see below. Thank you Susan and nature.  

lillies, love, poetry

Lovely Lilies

Lovely Lilies ~ bright luscious lilies sentinels in the garden calling to my heart ~ I dedicate this post to my mother who instilled a love of nature and gardens. Happy Mother’s Day!  

Savy Sentinels

Savy Sentinels ~ the hunt has begun stillness as the master’s tool bounty the reward ~ I love watching herons. Sometimes they won’t let me get near, but other times they seem so intent on their own hunt that they allow me closer access for taking photos. Thankfully, this one cooperated with me on my bike…

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Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebonnet Bliss ~ bluebonnets beckon lush prairies and rolling hills filled with blue bliss ~ #NoPoWriMo day 11 This beautiful image was taken by my friend Gayle from high school days. We’ve both developed a passion for photography, especially flowers. I would love to roll around in those lush prairies. How about you?

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Fields of Love

Fields of Love ~ fields of bluebonnets mixed with Indian Paintbrush color my heartstrings ~ #NaPoWriMo day 6 I found this gorgeous photo by Mike Jones on Facebook. It is from the seasonal parade of bluebonnets and other wildflowers that cross Texas Hill country each year in early spring. Thanks for sharing the beauty Mike!

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Dogwood Dilemma

Dogwood Dilemma ~ pink, white or cherry beauty in three sweet colors dogwood dilemma ~ I love dogwoods, maybe from growing up back east where they were a common tree in yards and the woods. Plus, I love the look of the blossoms. For many years, this was my lovely view of the neighbor’s property!…