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Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly dazzling dahlia shining brightly in the field warms my tender heart ~ This beautiful flower image was taken by my friend Gayle at the Dallas Arboretum. Her photo albums make me want to visit this gem of a garden filled with wildflowers, native plants, Japanese gardens, water features and more. Thanks for sharing the…

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Star Spangled Beauty

Star Spangled Beauty ~ flaming red petals shooting rockets of desire star-spangled beauty ~ Here’s a lighter post to counter my last post on freedom. In our efforts to make the world a better place, let us remember all the beauty that already exists. May you have a star-spangled week full of beauty and love.

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Vibrant Waters

Vibrant Waters ~ lush summer greens dazzling to the eyes washing away the cobwebs of mental dross vibrant energies to soothe our souls filling us with peace to share and grow may the blessings of healing waters flow ~ The greens are so vibrant right now that they overwhelm my senses and camera. 🙂 Thankfully, we’ve…

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Zen Gardens

Zen Gardens ~ maple tree and stones beauty found in the simple the power of Zen ~   I’ve always like the simplicity of Zen gardens. They often make use of rocks with only a few plants as highlights. On a walk in the neighborhood, I found a Zen garden that I attempted to capture with…

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Layers of Love

Layers of Love~ your petals caress my soul with soft velvety layers like a gentle lover you arouse my senses heart throbbing vibrantly alive we merge in oneness lost in the moment

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Lily Love

Lily Love ~ lilies glowing bright vibrant colors warm my heart alive with passion ~ My landlord’s garden has been vibrant and lush this month with all the rain we’ve had. I’m especially enjoying the profusion of lilies. I often eat my meals looking at the garden you see below. Thank you Susan and nature.  

lillies, love, poetry

Lovely Lilies

Lovely Lilies ~ bright luscious lilies sentinels in the garden calling to my heart ~ I dedicate this post to my mother who instilled a love of nature and gardens. Happy Mother’s Day!  

Savy Sentinels

Savy Sentinels ~ the hunt has begun stillness as the master’s tool bounty the reward ~ I love watching herons. Sometimes they won’t let me get near, but other times they seem so intent on their own hunt that they allow me closer access for taking photos. Thankfully, this one cooperated with me on my bike…