Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders
winter, wonder, climate


a snowy winter carpet

lightly dusting the earth

quiet fills the day

with a veil of beauty

nature’s wonder


Sadly, we haven’t had more than a dusting in 10 years. Clearly, the climate is changing and many of us can’t help but wonder if nature can handle the changes we have let loose on earth. Along with many of you, I mourn the damage to our beautiful planet. Many people work tirelessly to bring positive change while some of our leaders and elite drag their feet. When I get too discouraged about our human impact, I find solace in the belief that the earth will restore itself, even if it has to kill the evolutionary experiment called humans. We have the unique gifts of communication, free will, and self-awareness, yet mostly we use them for idle pleasures while other humans, plants, and animals die off. Sometimes I think it’s humans that need saving, not the planet. Either way, our current path is not sustainable for us or the planet. It will be interesting to see the state of the world in 50 or 100 years.

The wonders on a cool winter day. 


56 thoughts on “Winter Wonders

  1. Thought provoking words Brad and I share many of your sentiments. Let’s pray that us humans can work together to help heal the planet, at least move it in the right direction. Lovely pic too. We could use some of that coolness here! Hugs xx

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  2. Lovely poem of a winter sheath, Brad and I completely agree with your profound words of saving our World. Hope we few with positivity and positive thinking let our Earth grow in all her beauty and glory and our trees and animals and birds all live happily in God’s World. The picture was so beautiful, Brad.

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  3. Beutiful poem and photo, Brad.
    I also agree with the sentiments you so clearly state about man and nature.
    As you know similar thoughts figure in my poems.

    I did have a little giggle when you have Earth refer to us as ‘evolutionary experiments’. Made me think of how much effort is made by scientists to create even more able AI’s. 😊

    Let us hope we, as a race, come to our senses.


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  4. Brad, love the poem – it invokes the stillness and majestic peace of winter beautifully. I agree with your statement – it´s time for aware action for sure! While I believe that a certain degree of suffering may be part of being human, I strongly feel that it´s our responsibility to not act as if if the world and their inhabitants (be it other people, animals, or plant life) are “ours” – but to see everything as a gift, to be handled with care! What can each individual do to increase loving-kindness in action now? That is at the forefront of my mind these days. F.ex., I´ve been getting my food from local farmers who deliver it without any plastic packaging, am using soaps instead of plastic-packaged shower gels, using reusable cloths instead of paper, and the list goes on…it´s a process, but a necessary one, I believe. Additionally, I find it important to support organizations such as to affect change on a larger scale – we can always sign their campaigns for a fossil-free world, get in touch with politicians in charge and express our needs, etc etc… So, lets get cracking! Hugs 🙂

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      • Thanks for your appreciation, Brad! I agree with you, of course much more is needed on a bigger level. I just feel better knowing that I do as much as I can to have a more environmental-friendly lifestyle, and I think it´s important to spread awareness, like you do with your thoughtful post here. And its important as well as to dicuss possible action-steps and solutions, big or small. Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend, dear Brad!

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  5. “I find solace in the belief that the earth will restore itself, even if it has to kill the evolutionary experiment called humans.” I actually share this belief and the solace it brings, Brad. And yes, we need saving despite our intelligence, ingenuity, and capacity to save ourselves. *Sigh* I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy a bit of nature’s beauty and solace.

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  6. I love the black and white photo at the top. Happy Saturday, friend. I hope you’ve been well. Sigh. Climate change. I think you’re right: we need a “human change.” I often think that we won’t ever get all (or most) people on board with climate change, and that perhaps we’re doomed. But then I think, well…maybe people will have their own mini-awakenings when they see how the earth is in dire need 10, 15, 20, and 50 years from now. Maybe then they’ll come together. In the meantime, I think for ourselves, we can cultivate the seeds of peace and hope it has a ripple effect…☮️☮️☮️

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  7. Brad, I relate to what you have shared. I also have learned that if I become depressed or check out then I won’t be able to contribute the small part I can to help make things better. This is what keeps me going. I believe that every small action matters. One thing we can all do is elect people who are committed to improving the health of the planet, protecting our air and water.
    Thank you for sharing from your heart.

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  8. These kinds of thoughts rattle around in my head all the time, Brad. Just the other day I had a ‘discussion’ with someone who said it doesn’t matter that our current administration is overturning every good environmental policy that has ever been put in place…their argument is that it doesn’t matter what we do because the rest of the world won’t do it. I couldn’t even begin to continue…
    Thanks for bringing up hot subjects…maybe if more people thought that we CAN make changes…

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  9. The picture and poem are a perfect marriage. I think back to the 70’s and how tuned in we were becoming to environmental issues, the dumping of toxic wastes in rivers…the air pollution that was “eye burning” in LA. We addressed some of these issues because everyone started to get around them for changes and it seems like we went into a slumber again…..I always try and stay on the positive and believe we “can” affect change. Great post!

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  10. I know dear Brad, we do mourn the fact that leadership in these matters are not coming from our leaders. Nature is resilient, forever she adapts.
    I truly feel our poles as science shows us are on the move, so too our climate is revolving in different jet streams causing weather disruption world wide. While jet engines spray, and we pollute our waterways And oceans with our relentless plastic waste.
    Our own Co2 footprint making its negative marks upon our Mother.
    Nature has endured many changes but perhaps not as we witness them today, because there are now so many of us on the planet observing along with creating the problems.
    But I do hold hope Brad, because there are many sending love and bringing awareness now.
    We think we are small cogs not doing much with our eco friendly ways. But without those cogs the whole mechanism would collapse. Do each of us however small are helping heal our world.
    Many thanks for caring so deeply Brad. 💚🧡💚🙏

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  11. Beautiful shot, Brad. Especially striking in black and white! Snow has such a quiet and peacefulness about it – even though it’s sooo cold! 😉 I’m a fan of winter (and nature), as you know. I echo Sue’s comment above and trust that the small things we do help to heal our world. 🙂

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