Sky of Fire

Sky of Fire

sunset, beauty, poetry


alive with color

heavenly fires light the sky

reflecting beauty


refracted lightwaves

glowing in the winter sky

the color of awe


55 thoughts on “Sky of Fire

  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for always gracing us with uplifting content – your poetic lines and nature photography really let the soul breathe in an ocean of information. Like a refuge of stillness you are creating here. Love it! Also had to remember my beloved grandma when looking at your image in combination with your words – she used to tell me that “the angels are baking cakes” in the heavens whenever a similarly colorful sunset appeared on the Northern German skies of Hamburg. Hugs Brad, wishing you a beautiful day and week

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  2. β€œThe color of awe” -I love this idea Brad and I think it would make an excellent title to a poem or short story. I’m curious what people would say if you asked them the question, what color do you associate with awe? As always I am full of questions. Hope you are taking care of your well-being. Have a beautiful day.

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