Cray Cray City

Cray Cray City

crazy politics


public theater

the folly of government

politics in play


I’m disappointed over the impeachment farce.

Even though it was clear President Trump was never going to be impeached, I had thought we might have a real trial, with witnesses and a more public examination of his actions. I’m a Democrat/ Liberal/ Socialist/ Reformist who is almost as dismayed by the Democrats as by the Republicans. Current politics seems like watching a rowdy bunch of kindergartners who act in their own self-interest, throw fits, eat too much sugar, and rule by thug/ gang mentality. Kudos for Mitt Romney for having the integrity to cross party lines and vote for impeachment.

Somehow we need to create real discussions that openly and honestly explore the issues of our government and world. Instead, we have an insane system distorted by big money and special interest with party-line voting on most issues. Maybe we’re in the last days of the empire before it falls under the weight of its own hubris. Or maybe we’re all just reacting with our lizard brains. A quick peek at the news or social media will certainly give you a taste of our tribal warfare called politics.

After ranting a bit, I researched and found this article that explains much of our behavior around politics. If you want to better understand why we go crazy over politics, you can read this article called Why Politics Makes People Crazy. The basic idea is that we form tribes (parties) to make us feel safe and happy. Other parties are made to be the enemy to reinforce the validity of our feelings and ideas. And if I want to get off the roller coaster than I need to make better choices and realize that I create the craziness by my choices and responses. And the world won’t end if I don’t get what I want, although it sure seems that way with our current administration.  🙂

See you at the psych ward!


39 thoughts on “Cray Cray City

  1. Brilliantly said, Brad. It’s all beyond absurd and terrifying, really. The corruption and complete disregard for integrity, justice, and humanity are enough to make one resign hope and submit to complacency. I’m intrigued by the article. Thanks for sharing and offering a more enlightened perspective than I can muster at this point. H&S

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  2. Apt words spoken for politics and politicians, Brad. The whole world facing problems because of few people who do not know how to rule a country. They have become dictators and where is democracy it has disappeared. We are led by selfish men who are only bothered about themselves and not bothered what happens to the public at large.

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  3. Brad, I really like that you linked to that article explaining the psychology behind common reactions to politics! I am gonna check that out soon. Interesting to hear about the tribes/ parties being formed and how then, the blame-games start…anything to run from taking responsibility for own choices, actions, and feelings, I guess! I feel that´s what happens in most systems, small and large – and love how you point to the importance of growing in self- awareness here “And if I want to get off the roller coaster than I need to make better choices and realize that I create the craziness by my choices and responses. And the world won’t end if I don’t get what I want” Amen to that Brad!

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  4. …and the Internet has made it easier for us to form tribes way beyond our traditional turf. A thoughtful and discerning article, Brad. I’m sad for your country, and hoping mine will stay kinger, gentler, and more balanced. We cannot take anything for granted.

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  5. This is important. One key point for me in the article was: “Political leaders keep their herd together by focusing attention on external threats.” I don’t think this is true of ALL political leaders, but lately the prominent ones sure do. The mainstream media reinforces this in a big way. Mainstream media systems seem to worship conflict and controversy. (You better watch WXYZ to stay informed for your safety.) But some of us are tired it. There are alternatives. Our mammal brain doesn’t have to “always” scan for the next potential threat. We can learn to scan for common ground, good works, and ways to cooperate beyond our tribe, as long as we’re careful and choosy about what we watch, read, and listen to in the media.

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  6. I think it’s the lizard brains, Brad. And it is crazy-making. I share your politics and agree with the article. Nothing brings people together quite as effectively as a common “enemy.” It’s such a shame that rational beings with big brains are so incapable of reason. Sigh. I hope that – like we’ve done in other times of irrationality – we will still make small steps toward truth, justice, and compassion.

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  7. Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing the article. There are some great organizations that are working to change things like You can volunteer to write letters to folks to encourage them to vote. The more people we can get engaged in our government process the better. Check out their website.

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  8. The whole world has gone cray cray, Brad. I was horribly disappointed too. And I’m flat out terrified about the things that have happened since. Firing, calls for imprisonment, sigh… And nothing has been put in place to prevent history repeating itself in November. I get sick to my stomach thinking about it — honestly — acid boiling and nausea. Yet we have to find a positive thought and hold onto it. As someone said, “If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” I hope so.

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    • Thanks for caring Teagan. I understand and know many of us are feeling the same. And I also believe strongly that we need to rise above those responses to make more loving choices that move us toward a better world supported by individuals and leaders acting from a more holistic perspective.


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