Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer, haiku

Painting by Elisa Choi Ang


man meets a womanย 

cosmic energy in flux

the dance of lovers


an elegant dance

the universe in motion

cosmic flames ignite


These are my first two haikus inspired by Elisa Choi Ang’s beautiful painting. I found it on Freya Pickard’s Pure Haiku poetry website as part of her latest haiku poetry challenge for 2020. If you’re inspired to write and submit 5 haikus, here is the link for the submission process.

May creativity and love dance in your heart.



49 thoughts on “Cosmic Dancer

  1. Hi Brad, excuse the delay – love these haikus and image!! You can almost feel the flow mirrored in the gentle colors of the painting, and itยดs complemented perfectly by your gorgeous words. Gentle, flowing, and speaking of a deep and beautiful truth. Thanks Brad! Wishing you a beautiful rest of the week. Hugs

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