A Winter Rest

A Winter Restpoetry, winter, rest, peace

the sun dips quietly beyond my glance

where earth joins sky in a slow dance

sacred time for a peaceful winter rest

allowing life to nurture our inner best


33 thoughts on “A Winter Rest

  1. What a lovely post, Brad. I’ve begun to really treasure this time of year like never before. Your image sets the mood for quiet …. just so beautiful! The walks I have been taking among a bare forest have so restored my spirit … so quiet, serene, and so majestic they are. Now when the snow falls snowmobiles will be out that way, so I am enjoying the quiet now while it lasts. Ah, yes, t’is the season for retrospection. โค

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    • Wonderful Amy. Iโ€™m so glad you have been enjoying the beauty and peace of nature. I love the quiet and time to reflect too. I would like some more time in the woods myself. Thanks for the reminder of how restorative it can be. Happy reflecting!

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      • That is really good to hear… and I think dear Brad, when we understand that is why we came.. To be beacons of peace.. It often takes us through our own storms before we find in our centres/eye the peace was always at our core.. We just needed to settle within ourselves to find it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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