Perennial Rockets

Perennial Rocketsyellow coneflowers, poetry


yellow coneflowers

setting the prairie aglow

rockets of desire


The Yellow Praire Coneflower is a native of the Great Plains which can reach heights of 5 feet. The cheerful petals that sweep backward from the center cone bloom from May to September. This is another stunning image taken by my friend Gayle Fetik. The image and memories of living in Boulder stir up my feelings. Living in Boulder was the most unique and enjoyable place that I’ve ever lived. It is so different from the humid coastal weather of Virginia where I grew up.

May your rockets of desire launch beautiful dreams. 


37 thoughts on “Perennial Rockets

  1. Beautiful, Brad. I love prairies of wildflowers. I saw some while I was on my little trip with my sister this summer and it was such a lovely sight! If only nature was always allowed to flourish freely…

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